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Understanding the AWS Buzz Words: Amazon Lambda (Λ) and Alexa

The CTO of Amazon Werner Vogles coined the terms Alexa and lambda at the Amazon reinvent 2017 conference, now it just feels like a girl’s name and a science symbol to a non-coder but it’s not so if we could just understand what are these words and how are they adding up to the evolution of technology.

After quite a research, the outcome in my head suggests me to sign into the AWS services and at least learn something out of the free trial package provided by Amazon for first-time users. The electronics has quite a share in the market which increases the demand for mobile application development because everyone wants to update themselves and not to be left behind. Alexa is a business solution which helps the business activities to run smoothly for any organization whereas lambda has a power to make a developers life easy.

We are already aware of the touch input the innovators were looking for the solutions that could bring in voice input for any kind of application. Well, Amazon has managed to put up with this and Alexa has voice-enabled devices for business and posses the skills to make the workplace smarter just like your cell phone. There are echo devices for share and personal purpose as the physical outlet of Alexa through which individual can communicate, manage and schedule the tasks to be performed.

Shared echo devices: Remember how the employee comes two hours early to check the conference execution devices like mic, internet, screen, connectivity etc. Now with shared echo devices, you can just command Alexa to initiate the meeting and get going with it. The employees at companies with big offices have a hard time finding the location on the floor above theirs. Alexa shared echo devices makes it easy and even keeps track of the entire inventory to notify in case of equipment failures or the need for new equipment,

Personal echo devices: At work, there are n numbers of things to schedule into your daily routine for which people who can afford hire a personal assistant. The Alexa device can be your personal assistant which by the way talks, the messages and calls can be initiated just by asking the device to do so; you can join an ongoing meeting through this device even from far distance. This device is an intelligent assistant which can search information for you from a pile of pages on the internet.

Few features of Alexa for the administration of the business can be pinned down as follows:

Now that everyone in the business has the Alexa echo devices, to get everyone at one place the manager can use the console and set the location to the conference room and the device will configure with the conference room settings.

The security of an account for the device is as important as the flexibility of the device, the Alexa gives you the authority to assign the public and private skills to the device as your use. In case the manager wishes to perform a particular task by only a few people in his team then he can create a group and customize the skills and configure the device accordingly.

Innovation is the trend of any invention these days, if the application and devices are not user-friendly and give the user an opportunity to apply some learning its hardly a success. So with Alexa for business APIs gives the liberty to the user to go through the Alexa kit and create his own skills for a particular administration.

Amazon Lambda is one of the computing services on the AWS platform. The coders can simply run their code using the Lambda function without going through the need to put the server communication set of instruction and enabling different feature through third-party frameworks.

Suppose you are an Android app developer who created a code and you want to add a security, location, and app inbuilt purchase into the application. Instead of coding, again and again, to manage the server for high performance and availability, one can simply log in to the AWS and tick mark the additional inbuilt services for the application. The computing services provided by Amazon will run a lambda function to embed the requirement without any server hustle.

The mobile application development companies have multiple frameworks to work with including a hell of a brainstorming for developers to learn the new framework or language to reach the maximum audience. The Amazon lambda gives an extra edge to the developers who would want to stick to the known language; the code you upload for better server management can be in any form. Alexa is the business solution for excellent administration at workplaces and at home, the echo devices might be everyone’s regular if adopted by maximum people in the market. We might be unaware of the complex algorithm behind this technology but know what the buzz words are all about.

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