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How important is the tradeoff between quality and speed of mobile apps?

In the era of data transfer in MBs per second, the competition to top in providing the fastest speed when it comes to file transfers, data sharing, uploads and downloads within the mobile application has rapidly increased and will continue to increase in the coming years.

This is where the quality is compromised to encounter some cost cutting in the price of the application to gain profits.

The primary quality testing of the applications that can’t be compromised

Impact of Devices power cycle on the performance of the application
Resistance to the updates
Survival of application in any network condition
Battery draining capability of an application
Usage of the on-device memory by the application
Integration of application with hardware components such as camera, GPS, video etc.

The speed of the application totally depends upon its compatibility with the network in use and the mobile app developers can only try the following at their end

Reduce the complexity of the application
The speed of the application is affected by the complexity because an application as appears to us just an icon but there are multiple things attached to it simultaneously and running online such as data center, third party, cloud etc. and it is important for each component to execute at a particular time to avoid poor user experience which somehow slows the application.

Avoid High Graphic Designs for application
The application designing is as important as coding the application with perfect logic, the vendors might not be able to deliver the exact requirement of the developer as a result hampering the application performance.

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As a result, both the features of the mobile application are interdependent on each other and needs to be traded off strategically according to the audience and client requirement. The following suggestions can be followed by mobile app developers and designers for a robust mobile application.

Use of latest APIs
Design in way to reduce bug risk
Reducing HTTP requests
Create an offline mode as well
APM should be used to track the performance of the application


If we answer this question theoretically then the ideal suggestions to iOS and Android app developers would be toincrease the speed of the applications keeping in mind the quality of the application and creating a balance among both the features of the application but the practice can never overlap ideal solutions because there is always an error. The next best solution to bring a tradeoff between the quality and speed is understanding the client requirements.

IF the application demands a single task then the quality and speed both can be coordinated beautifully but the maximum demand is for the application to be multitasking. The multitasking asks for a high quality which slows down the speed but the results are achieved whereas if the speed is maintained the quality of the application is degraded.

Loophole to this problem is to speed up the application tasks on a priority basis and land on balanced quality and speed of the mobile application.

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