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21 companies you didn't know facebook acquired

A $300+ billion company didn't just build its empire in a day.

They followed the strategy of shaking hands with small profit companies and brought most of them with distinct technical highlights of their own which not only advanced facebook with distinct innovative features but also made Mark Zuckerberg really rich.

  1. Pebbles
    Worth: $60 million
    Year: 2015
    About: Pebbles is Israel based company dealing with computer vision, Augmented Reality, depth sensing technologies and specializes in gesture control.
  2. Live Rail
    Worth: $400million to $500million
    Year: 2014
    About: Live Rail was a video and tech startup with an objective to provide a platform for ads between the marketers and Publishers.
  3. Ascenta
    Worth:$20 million
    Year: 2014
    About: Ascenta is a united kingdom based aeronautical company that specializes in solar-powered drones. The founders of this company created an unnamed solar-powered aircraft Zephyr.
  4. Oculus VR
    Worth:$20 billion
    Year: 2014
    About: Oculus VR is a digital entertainer that provides virtual reality-based gaming experience. It manufactures both the hardware and software of virtual reality gearbox.
  5. Whatsapp
    Worth: $190 billion
    Year: 2014
    About: This mobile application development was done while brain Acton and Jan Koum took a break from work at Yahoo! Enabling instant messages using mobile number.
  6. Branch
    Worth: $15 million
    Year: 2014
    About: Branch is a link sharing service provider that launched in-app sharing links service Putluck which is also known as the sister service of the branch.
  7. Little Eye Labs
    Worth:$15 million
    Year: 2014
    About: Little Eye Labs is a Bangaluru, India based startup that is a performance tool for Android app developers that helps the developers to optimize their application using performance parameters statistics generated.
  8. Parse
    Worth:$85 million
    Year: 2013
    About: Parse provides back-end service tools to mobile app developers allowing to upload data to the cloud.
  9. Atlas Solution
    Worth: < $1 billion
    Year: 2013
    About: Atlas Solution is an online ads platform provider that allows the marketers to serve, manage and track the advertisements. This was acquired by Facebook from Microsoft.
    Worth: $1billion
    Year: 2012
    About: is an Israel based company that provided the platform for face recognition and tagging. In 2011, was able to recognize 18 billion faces across its API and Facebook application.
  11. Instagram
    Worth: $10 billion
    Year: 2012
    About: Instagram is a social networking application that is known for its short videos on its timeline which lasts for certain period.

     12 Snaptu
      Worth: $ 70 million
     Year: 2011
    About: Snaptu previously known as moblica is a free mobile application that allowed user to open any web application through their Internet-enabled mobile phones irrespective of the OS

  1. domain name
    Worth: $8.5 million
    Year: 2010
    Facebook Acquired its Domain name system in 2010 after which it could have access to Internet resources and no longer had to rely on Internet protocols.
    Worth:$10 million
    Year: 2010
    About: is a USA based company that deals with file sharing and hosting.

  2. Hot potato
    Worth: $10 million
    Year: 2010
    Hot Potato is a Brooklyn, New York-based company that provides the technology behind the check-ins and status updates.
  1. Chai Labs
    Worth: $10 million
    Year: 2010
    Chai Labs is a USA based company that provided a license for subscriptions of the software or on-demand software.
  1. Next Stop
    Worth: $2.5 million
    Year: 2010

About: Next stop is atrip management app service provider, that provided with the travel guide

  1. Friendster Patents
    Worth: $40 million
    Year: 2010
    Friendster turned from social networking site to a social entertainment site after having Asia’s 90% traffic on their site. Facebook acquired 18 patents of this company.
  1. FriendFeed
    Worth:$47.5 million
    Year: 2009
    FriendFeed was a real-time feed updater, it updated all the microblogs, status, and updates in real-time.
  2. ConnectU
    Worth: $31 million
    Year: 2008
    ConnectU was a website developed by Harvard students that enabled people to go online on their profile, update profile and notify friends about it.
  1. AboutFace
    Worth: $200,000
    Year: 2005
    It is a charity organization that focuses and supports the ones suffering from facial disfiguration. 


To Conclude: The above mentioned 21 acquisitions are the ones with exact figures including the other acquisitions that Facebook continues to make around 66 collaborations, the most recent was purchasing tbh app in 2017, that focuses on social networking of high school kids. One thing to be noted is that each feature updated my facebook over the years is the result of the acquisitions it made which turned out pretty much a smart move for the company to implement the program of theirs.

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