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‘SORRY!! We are out of Businesses’- Apps that failed to make any major impact


Do you know not all apps released into the app stores, create any major impact?

This can be one of the major reasons for robbing the mobile app developers of their good night sleep. However, one can draw helpful insights from their unsuccessful stories.

Before naming the few unfortunate failed applications, let us go back to see what the figures have to say about app failure?



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Every day, rather every minute one or two application uploads in the app stores. Few among them fail to reach their core objective which is to obtain maximum downloads. An application developer puts his heart and soul when developing an application. So, if it fails to create any impact, the days of effort get wasted completely.

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Naming certain applications that have failed hopelessly to make a mark among the smartphone users:

Everpix is a perfect tool to sort snaps and pull the best one out from the entire lot. The idea was a success initially recording 55,000 active users in the year of 2012. However, the company bankrupted and lack of proper promotion, the app became history.
Uber-like taxi app, Hailo, stormed the streets of New York in the beginning of 2013, has over $100 million invested in it. Unfortunately, October 2014 witnessed a complete breakdown of the application. Irrespective of its success in London, Hailo failed to carve out a market for itself in NYC stolen by its major competitor, Uber.
Supposedly, the ultimate communication tool, Google Wave expected to be a game-changer to offer a common platform to allow people exchange replies but avoiding the strings of emails. Lack of proper marketing and less user-friendly ultimately led to untimely demise.
Online live-streaming auctions designed tried to offer a greater platform to reach a wider audience to art auctions, offering a bidding type via devices on Auctionata. Raising a fund of $96 million since the day of its incorporation, Auctionata failed to live up to expectations leading to damaging financial breakdown. Ultimately, it closed down in 2017.
Yik Yak, initially a popular application among school kids, enjoyed a rising value of $400 million in 2014. However, this application became a common platform for cyber bullies, a solution to which was never found. Finally, the year 2016 hammered the final nail to its coffin when the overall app downloads dropped by 75% with 60% employees laid off. Yik Yak bid a final goodbye to its users in May 2017.
The year 2017 marked the finale for yet another popular application, Quixey. Having $165 million as invested capital amounting to $600 million as the market valuation did well initially. This application was a digital assistant to helping smartphone users search for content in the apps installed in the device. The leading shareholder, Alibaba, refused the next round of investment and finally the board shut off the project.
One can learn a lot taken from their failure stories. In fact, a close analysis is likely to help any budding or experienced top mobile application developers understand why a particular application fails to create sufficient impact on the app stores even if the idea is outstanding.

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So, what did we learn from their mistakes??

Lack of sufficient advertising and promotion is important to promote your work otherwise your app is likely to disappear into oblivion among billions of apps without any trace.
Below average application design cannot fetch sufficient installations since the app will not sustain the hardcore competition in the app stores.
Complaints about user experience if not taken seriously will eventually harm the application in the long run. If they are not satisfied with the application, they will not bother to look back at it again. So work on the user feedback or suffer badly.

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Definitely not an out-of-the-box idea which will not fetch enough viewers since there will be endless applications out there designed on the same concept.
Unplanned and poor execution definitely serves as the final nail in the app's coffin. Proper research and careful strategies along with planned execution determine its success.
No scope for proper testing to discover areas, which are likely to crash in usage. The desire to launch and steal the market often provokes developers to skip the testing part. Untested applications are bound to have bugs and a single crash can result in its elimination from the user’s phone.
Improper monetization plan can make users completely ignore the application since incentivizing the users is the best way to keep them re-engaged with the application.

A piece of advice for all the aspiring developers out there- always learns from others’ mistake. Best mobile application development companies also faced a lot of failures before making it big in the digital world. All one need is to do their homework carefully rather than relying on the fact that the idea is outstanding and will sell itself. Make sure enough scope provided such that application is adaptable to changing situations.

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