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Is poor mobile analytics an answer for failed mobile apps?


A mobile app goes through different testing method to check its survival in the market but the feedback in large scale is the real test for an application to decide whether the particular app based system is a success or not.

We all are aware of the technology that developers use for mobile app development which are the coding languages, swift for iOS and Java for Android. A developers job is to convert the idea into a code that uses the latest technology to make things work out for the idea to establish its business easily by eliminating the traditional methods for the same.

So what makes the mobile app to go from an icon to the leading business in the world, its strategies, and analysis. Big business sharks usually used to take years understanding the customer behavior to bring changes in their products which fail to survive in the market but it is not that difficult today and a startup can also start analyzing the behavior of its users for future business trends.


5 Steps for Mobile Analytics

  • Track the app performance
    Thanks to servers that help you keep each and every data in your data-center and the app performance must be kept track of such as the number of times an app crashed, bugs occurrence and battery usage etc.
  • Optimize your data
    The data collected from the application regarding its performance is then optimized and the optimization can be done by different optimization tools which comprise of a complex mathematical function that results into a performance solution for the data given to it.
  • Tag management of apps digital propertiesThe next step may not be associated with the second one but is as important as the performance of the application. If you don't market your product in a business nobody will know if the product exists or not. These days digital platforms let you market your products through blogs, advertisements on websites and emails which being digital can be monitored in seconds. Google tag management tool lets the analyst have the records for the tag management from all the different platforms.
  • User Behavior Analysis The results of Google tag management tool helps a mobile app analyst to study the user behavior towards the application such as whether the user visited the site first and then downloaded your application or he made a click on your advertisement and then downloaded or he responded to the emails notifications for updating your applications. These analyses can be easily drawn based on the report generated.
  • User Retention
    Now that the mobile app development company is equipped with all the reports stating the user behavior towards the mobile app, the company has to come up with the strategies to withhold their users by introducing or eliminating the features as per the requirement to uplift the app based business.


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To conclude

With more than 3 million apps in play store and 2 million+ apps in appstore coming up with an application for your business just feels like a liability but if you want to make best of the company wants best of mobile application technology to benifit the company and come up with revised strategies for marketing then they need to improve their mobile analytics and as far as mobile app based business are concenerd who dont have a traditional market know how to make the best use of mobile app analytic tools for coming up with unique methods to showcase their product or services. FLUPER is one such company that expertizes in building iOS as well as Android-based applications for your business so get started today and change the way of studying consumer behavior.

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