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Tips for a fresher in Android app development

Programming doesn't have to be your thing from high school and even if you didn't opt for computers or languages, you can still learn to programme whenever you feel like through different sources digitally or manually.


There are a lot of tutors who are willing to increase the developers' community just by posting videos on YouTube and everyone has that mini computer that has been doing it all these days without any extra efforts. One is always confused what all I will be doing? so the time you have decided to invest in order to be an android app developer can be saved or utilized if you run a background check on what knowledge is required to develop a real-time mobile app.

Few things that an android app developer must learn are

Android app development Fundamentals
The fundamentals are the first to be gone through while starting off with any learning. One should be aware of the roots of oneself and the same applies to learning something new.

When it comes to Android app development fundamentals go through the following before installing the software development kit of Android:

  • Do a background check on Android, get to know the history of Android
  • Search for the framework that is needed to start working on Android
  • Learn about the computer language used to code in Android, which is JAVA

Getting Started
After we are done with the reading the fundamentals of Android. Now its time to install Android studio on your computer.

Install the studio depending on the type of operating system your hardware is installed with such as Windows, Mac or Linux and configure the Android Software development kit. Creating your first app will require you to set up the following

  • Go to the Android studio and its menu for your operating system
  • Install the HAXM emulator for executing whatever you code
  • Try to create virtual devices for testing what you have created
  • Installation of device drivers to connect the physical testing device
    If you get stuck somewhere find the answers in the documentation.

Inspecting the idea for App
The tools are built for the mobile app developers to implement their ideas to come up with a simple idea for starting and inspect the project you wish to start by doing the below

  • Walk through the entire project architecture
  • Manage the build scripts
  • Manage the manifest files for the application
  • Use the Android support library to run features of your app
  • Declaration of permissions within the app is a must
    Give your app a name and an icon.

Design your app
The designing of an application is as crucial as the development of the application because the design is the first thing user will suspect while downloading an application.

  • Define the screen and the activities on that screen
  • Implementation of XML layout for the user interactions
  • Let your application communicate with internet
  • Compile your java code with the Android dex file format using Jack Compiler and configure.


Last Words

Android app development is not rocket science so the zeal of building something is all you need and the rest will follow. The best part of android apps is the open source nature that allows you to learn anywhere and at any time without any third party interface to pull you back and become a hindrance in your app development.

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