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10 Female Mobile App Developers You didn't know were on Instagram !!!

imageCoding is not gendered biased then why the world thinks women have lower IQ when it comes to code?

The statistics show women were twice in tech than now before men started to develop the interest in booming silicon valley. The number decreased year after year and the geeks in technology could not socialise with women and the opportunities for women decreased due to work culture barriers but the history seems to be changing as women are encouraged to take up tech classes to become the future coders in web and mobile app development as well as other sectors but not recognised much.

So here are the insta developers who love to code :

1. Laura

She is a full stack developer at a US-based healthcare company and is a multi-tasker with huge followers on Instagram.

Her programmer quoted online T-shirt store is the hell of a motivation for female aspirants who want to code and more.Besides she loves data structure. Not only she codes but also writes the blog about the productivity tips for the aspirants in coding.

2. Jelena

Jelena is a Javascript lover and how do we know this well, her Instagram pictures suggest the same. She is a co-founder and web developer at a company in Florida which develops websites and mobile apps. She dreams of building a coding school for kids to make codes fun and knowledgeable.

3. Lillian

She has 66k+ followers on Instagram and goes by the name bigdatagal. This woman has three technical books under her name which are Data Science for Dummies, Bigdata for dummies and managing big data workflows for dummies and she is a mom.

4. Estefannie

She is a software engineer and a youtuber with all the electronic and computer science based videos. She has been techy and was a founder of computer science girls organization while pursuing a degree in computer science. Wait !!! there is more she has been awarded for her contribution to women in technology.

5. Marty

Marty has an interesting career shift from Architecture to coding along with her lawyer partner. They call themselves as coders and troublemakers. She is a front end learner for now and loves the flexibility of work that web development provides with working from anywhere and anytime. She is a coder by choice for sure.


6. Brandy

She is a developer, designer, and doer and has a love for the language Python which soon is going to be the language for IoT. She has the blog with several videos on her journey in coding and as a developer. She can also be easily spotted at local tech meetups.

7. Mellisa

She is a Canadian software developer with skills in almost all languages used for backend as well as front-end development but her personal favorite is star wars. She has more than six years of experience in Graphic designing and programming.

8. Erika

She loves Android app development and has few projects listed on Github for reference. she believes in creating magic with her work and enjoys the mobile and web development.This Colombian girl has contributed a lot to the coding community and has more to come.

9. Masha

She is a learner and is learning web development and in the process, she loves to share what she is learning through youtube with funny videos.

10. Alex

She enjoys mixing her love to learn coding and Yoga. She is currently working on Facebook. This girl has 28k+ followers tracking her progress in both coding and Yoga apart from this she loves to coach women to excel in different professional fields. 

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These beautiful programmers have no idea that by just being on Instagram they are building interest of future female programmers and might be a role model for the younger generation.Women may have different capabilities than men as per psychologists but they know how to use the skills to produce a code that can run as efficiently as the one developed by men so the workplace cannot justify the absence of women in technology. Fluper doesn't hire a developer on the basis of gender but solely and keep searching with women who can take fluper to new heights by developing the variety of apps.

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