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Google's new ad filter for better user's ad experience

In the recent times, digital marketing has taken over the market and almost every company irrespective of their size whether startups, enterprises or businesses are running online ads and incorporating digital marketing strategies that can help them to get more traffic onto their websites, mobile pages, etc. But in the midst of all this, businesses have forgotten the fact that they may be causing inconvenience to the users or buyers or any potential entity. The question arises “How businesses are killing their own potential customers?”

We know digital marketing offers a great source for reaching to your targeted users by providing businesses to run Ads, Content Marketing, SEO, SMO and many more options. In all these marketing strategies, the most influential way which makes your brand visible on different channels are “Ads”.

In this article, we are going to discuss the new Ad Filter launched by the Google. And will answer on 'Why Ad Filter is a must in today's time?' Also, how your content marketing can remain unaffected by this new update.

What is Google's new Ad Filter being all about?

Google has decided to block or remove those ads which are not meeting the standards of the new Ad Filter for the Chrome web browser. Those ads which will not fall under the standards as decided by the Coalition for Better Ads  for providing better user experience will be filtered out.

So exactly why Google is doing this when it makes money from digital ads too?

In the recent report by the Coalition, it has been found that approx. 69% of users have started using 'Ad Blocker'. Due to which the chances for good ads to feature or reach to the potential clients have also vanished.

And this is a huge loss for many companies and to Google as well. Thus, there is a requirement for an effective ad filter.

To understand better about these standards, let us go little deep into the topic and the issue that arises this concern to use ads filter.

  • What is an Ad Experience: In simple words, the experience that your users gets when they land on your website (design, layout, content, and ads) creates an ad experience. A user can have a positive response towards the ad or have a negative one, it all depends on the type of ad and its relevance to the content. For example, auto-playing ads are highly disruptive and annoying to the users.

A matter of fact, annoying ads cut down your daily visitors or refrain users to again come to your site or mobile pages.

  • Exactly which ads are annoying to users: It is true that ads can be intrusive and annoying but you will be amazed at that not all the ads fall into this category. Only some ads having specific attributes are interruptive and need to eliminate to increase user's interest.

Types of ads that Google's Chrome filter is targeting are as follows:

  • High-Page Density Ads: They are taking up 30% of the space on the website or mobile screen and hence, distract the users while reading the content on the page.
  • Pop-up ads: The good news first, not all the pop-up ads are fading from the web but only that which pop-up at the start even before reading the page and are hard to close. These ads will not appear on the user's screen. 
    However, the pop-ups which are based on the behaviour of the users like subscription page appearing after the user has spent a considerable amount of time, will not get affected by the new ad filter standards.
  • Prestitial Ads: All pop-up ads will be blocked by the ad filter that appears even before you have a chance to read the content.

Well, all these preventions will help businesses to enhance user engagement rate to their websites. Thus, it will directly help in content marketing as ads create a distraction from reading the content.

Chrome Procedure to Barred your Ads:

Everyone catch up your breath again as not instantly Chrome will block your Ads if not fulfilling the standards. Because it will not act as a traditional blocker, rather it will follow multiple processes to evaluate your ads.

Businesses or marketers can view the report which will generate after Google evaluate your Ad on to Google's Ad Experience Report API. The evaluation result will show your Ad's status as Pass, Fail or Warning.

The Chrome will judge your ad quality based on the Better Ads Standards. Thus, Marketer has a limited period of time to resolve the issues (if any) and improve the quality of their Ads in order to provide users a great experience.

Key to Remember:

It is recommended to all the businesses those who are running a digital marketing campaign that follows true content marketing strategies. Also, follow a call to action, learn more or other options that are helpful and brings clients and value to your business.

If you will follow all the standards then you won't get affected by these changes. Hence, ignore all the Ad strategies that are discussed above which will create a negative impact on your user reading journey or browsing journey.


It’s now clear that Google is not going to compromise with the users' experience anymore and will root out all the unwanted and troublesome ads from the cluster of different ads. All the annoying, disruptive and time-wasting Ads will have no space in the digital marketing field from now onwards.

This Ad Filter is actually a good start for the content marketing and its experience for the readers.

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