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Three types of on-demand delivery platforms - pros and cons

Three types of on-demand delivery platforms - pros and cons

It’s been exciting to watch on-demand delivery platforms to grow and adapt quickly to customer grabbing ways. Companies coming up with their own in-house business delivery model, third-party businesses have to seek new ways to survive.

What do you think you would do after a long day at the office? Simply feel like putting an out of order tag on your forehead and call it a day? Definitely, no one would like prepping up in the kitchen and probably like some help to do the trick or hold your phone, make few clicks and order a delicious dinner right away. Discover three types of prevalent on-demand delivery platforms.

Online Food Delivery Chain

Supermarket delivery vans adorn every corner, takeaway motorists are the new black cabs and ordering food is just as easy as playing a video game. Technology is always ready to propel the food industry forward.

Online food delivery has shown an astronomical rise and it is only expected to grow in coming times.


Watch those calories

On a lighter note, as the meals to be ordered are pre-planned, it is easy to determine the exact number of calories that will be consumed in the meal.


Highly Priced

On a serious note, the price comes out to be the biggest disadvantage when it comes to ordering food online. The price comes out to be equal to eating in a lavish restaurant when the food is ordered for more than one person.

Stale / Frozen Food

Apart from this, food delivery systems might deliver frozen meals which might further need preparation time.

Online Pet Food Supplies

Another cool new trend that comes into the scene is on-demand app development for buying pets (cats and dogs) online. Marketers were quick enough to copy UK’s first online pet food delivery business – Monster Pet Supplies, as it came out to be a relatively new concept that soon gained momentum.


  • It is highly palatable
  • Good for pets who are recovering from illness or those are missing teeth
  • Generally have high shelf life and can last for two-three years depending on the brand


  • Nutritional value of food cannot be determined.
  • The pet might get allergic to delivered food due to contamination.

Online Ridesharing Apps

We’ve already seen this competition build up tremendously in online food and online pets business, it has now diversified towards a new on-demand delivery platform – Cabs. When one ridesharing app began to build in popularity a few years ago, other players jumped into action.

Uber, lyft, Gett, Juno, Curb, Sitbaq, are some key contestants on road.


  • It saves time
  • It is available 24*7
  • It is economic
  • It can be customized as opposed to public transportation


  • Cabs do not usually display a complete number plate and registration number while booking through a mobile app.
  • Sometimes while booking through the app it shows 2-3 cabs nearby but no cab comes when requested.
  • It becomes difficult to cancel cab when the driver is near, no matter how long it takes to reach you.
  • Can fare shoots high in bad weather
  • Sometimes a budget cab is booked but an elite cab comes

As the competition continues with more variations on a theme, companies are always looking for targeting new niches to expand their business. More and more restaurants fight back to develop their own in-house delivery businesses, thus reducing the reliance on third-party businesses for boosting sales, which in turn will have to think of fresh new ways to provide their services.

Longevity and success in the industry can be achieved by harnessing all the available data. UI/UX must be made a priority and not a bonus.

Customer/user is the king. If his experience is made a priority then the application can win in long run.

All the 4 P's of the marketing mix – Product, Price, Promotion, Place must be mixed in right proportion to create the best marketing strategy for propagating business.

Making data-driven decisions and keeping customer's views above everything else will help create a good delivery application – whether it is for food, food supplies for pets or cabs.


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