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Mobile apps with face recognition feature, beyond unlocking your device

“Caleb was typing on his mobile phone and the phone was reading his facial expression using the phone’s camera.” Ex Machina, the famous sci-fi movie!

Your mobile phone can understand your facial expression and will react using the AI. This is not just a technological enhancement, but also a reality in future devices.

Just think about a Smartphone device, reading and analyzing the facial expression of a user and plays favorite music. This is the next step in mobile application development when mobile apps will start using the face recognition technology to scan the emotional responses of a user and provide the solution.

Yes, this is about facial recognition feature of your Smartphone device coordinated of different apps. Face recognition has the first impression as the ID or security to unlock devices or applications.

This is just the primitive use of this technique, we have come across a far in this. Before we move ahead, let’s have a quick recap of what Face Recognition is.

Face Recognition, what’s that?

No surprise, face recognition is one of the promising tools in the security and considered as an extra layer of security. It’s not new to us, in fact, has been used in a number of ways in different business areas.

Yes, there is a rapid growth in the recent past for the uses of this technology. It has been using in various ways, have a look.

Security of system – As a security authentication, face recognition is widely used for better security. This could be to unlock your house, your mobile phone or a mobile device.

One of the innovative use of this technology is by e-commerce-giant Amazon, it enables the user to confirm the order by just winking or smiling.  

Safety of user – This is the one of the brilliant use for the safety of users. Let’s say you are by a car and your driver is half-sleepy in the late night journey.

In order to avoid any mishappening, the inbuilt face recognition will identify by reading the expression and eyes of the driver and will alert the driver along with you. It can be used in the industries too, when it will help you to give the indication when a machine operator is needed the get an alert call. 

Engaging users – This is one of the interesting uses of face recognition technology in the advance tech-world. The user engagement is something that every business needed.

Disney, one of the famous movie producers used the AI and face recognition in their movies posters. It was the wonderful use of this technique and they captured the emotions and expressions of viewers.

This helped them to identify the interest for their movies.

Mobile app developers can’t ignore the increased interest of face recognition technique. There are more opportunity for developers to use it in various ways except for security and safety.

Clients are also asking the innovative use of face recognition technique. Curiosity increases how to face recognition technique works, let’s have a brief understanding. 

How face recognition works?

It is the advanced application of image analysis technology using the inputs of image or video. The output is identification or verification of the object that appears in the image or video.

It works in the following way as given here.

  • Facial detection and tracking
  • Facial alignment
  • Feature extraction
  • Feature matching
  • Facial recognitionAnd, the data is used for detecting the face as given.
  • The mean face vector
  • The Fisherfaces on which the mean subtracted test image would be projected
  • The weights of the Fisherfaces

The future is exciting for face recognition technique. There are TV shows which reading your facial expressions using your phone and suggesting similar shows.

TVTak, an app for iPhone, has used this to identify the user’s choice. Mobile gaming apps are also using it to identify the character you should play with them.

Google shopper also uses the similar technique to check and compare prices of various products. One of use of face recognition technique is to make mental notes.

It is just how we used to remind things in our mind, with help of an image. It captures the images of things, which you want to keep as mental notes with details of remarks, tags and location data.

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