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Inventory control with machine learning for enterprise mobility solutions

As per the Google trends graph, the rise of a number of searches for machine learning is moderate and consistent which may be predicted to rise in the time to come.

The machine learning in result will support the growth of artificial intelligence-driven products and services for which Top mobile application development companies have been trying for quite some time to incorporate different technologies to offer an enchanting user experience with the apps they designed. Now, coming back to Machine Learning, this particular technology has proved its worth time and again when implemented across myriad genres including smartphone apps.

Such a worthwhile find in human history, if correctly implemented into enterprise app development can undoubtedly benefit the owner of the business and other participating members. 

Inventory management forms a part of the SCM of any business.

The very foundation on which the core business rests can do well if technologies such as Machine Learning and others lend a helping hand for enterprise application wisely. Mobile app development services designed for enterprises especially have to keep a track of the inventory movement to and from the company in concern.

To eradicate the human error, mobile applications are designed with features to carry out the business purpose effortlessly. 

But, what is inventory?

Scanning the Search Engine, Google, the definition of ‘Inventory' as penned down by Wikipedia is:

“The stock of goods and materials that any business owns for the ultimate purpose of selling it for a higher price.” 

And when we come to machine learning, the concept literally refers to the statistical techniques required to bestow the capability to computer systems in learning data in the absence of explicit programming. However, the capabilities of ML are not restricted to slimming down the complex supply chain of an enterprise through application development.

Rather they are dynamic and diverse considering the fields where the same technology is incorporated.

Speaking in the light of business applications, the technology collaborates with Big Data collected during day-to-day usage and resort to data-driven decisions to facilitate the seamless performance of supply chain. The pioneers of the same field do have a tough responsibility to carry on their shoulders and that is to forecast the future altered course of action through predictive analytics.

Else, undertake crucial data-driven decisions by carefully evaluating the probable market risks and altering market conditions.

Therefore, briefing on the benefits obtained when Machine Learning is justly implemented into simplifying the supply chain of an enterprise application, for the newbies as well as the old players.

Firstly, the machine-learning tools easily adapt to different behavioral patterns displayed by the consumers to draw inference on the elements that actually drive purchase decisions. Such data necessitates the launching of new items in the market.

Secondly, safeguarding corporate data especially in the inventory line is crucial to surviving a competitive and fraud-filled market. How strong the security algorithm for enterprise app development may be, hackers and cyber-criminals are strong enough to break through to cause irreplaceable damage to the business.

Machine learning fraud prevention tools see through user behavior to detect anything that is unusual.

Thirdly, around 50% reduction in forecasting errors and sales which is by 65% to offer better product availability with machine learning either achievable through a workable application development framework or manually.

Fourthly, cutting down defection rates to around 90% through automated quality testing with the use of Machine Learning yet again.

Finally, 30% reduction in scrap rates to a predictive analysis of machinery maintenance, forecasting demand accuracy for energy cost reduction to overall performance monitoring etc. A hell lot of responsibilities shouldered alone by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Therefore, wrapping up

We conclude that human discovered technology- Machine Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence can save a lot of unnecessary wastage or loss of money for poor maintenance and monitoring of the entire supply chain. Top-rated mobile application development companies involved with designing an SCM model for any enterprise can consider imbibing the algorithms of ML or AI to get blessed with the above-mentioned benefits in approximate numbers.

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