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8 reasons leading to mobile app rejection by apple

It is tough to enter a crowded, competitive and strong market. A number of applications keep on getting added to the app store every day. However, these apps have also gone through rigorous testing and legit standards but it is difficult for a new app to get recognition and stand amongst all the renowned already existing apps.

This is a hurdle you need to cross but, before this, it might be possible for platforms like iOS to reject your app. And, the reason is that Apple’s 114 standard regulations are not so simple to cross.

So, to protect your brand image and also to maintain it, one needs to take care of certain steps during mobile app development.

These are the 8 basic reasons for the app being getting rejected by Apple:

  • Vaguely using Apple’s name

If your application includes Apple’s name in content or trademarks, then the application can be rejected.

Some of the common examples that are not accepted are the usage of iPhone like images or frames, etc. using such things without permission makes your app go out of the list of even being evaluated further.

  • App not following Apple’s guidelines

Violation of Apple’s guidelines will obviously lead to rejection when the app is under designing phase, the guidelines should be kept in mind, reading the rules before would help you rapidly develop the design without any mistakes. Examples of some common shortcomings are the appearance of large text; interface should not mess with the device’s standard functionality like turn the volume button to torch button and it shouldn’t be a remake.

  • If it works online

Most of the mobile app development services are available online, so such an app should be capable of detecting network to provide online services and if the app is not able to find one, it should inform the user about it with some push notification. The user must be aware of what are the online as well as the offline services that will be provided.

The user should be informed about the app or a troubleshooting mechanism must be there to inform him, otherwise, the user gets confused with inbuilt app issues instead of knowing that there is a connection problem.

  • It is slow or has some performance issues

Apps should be convenient to use and should be excellent in providing the main functionality. Slow speeds result in less user engagement with the app.

It should be checked that navigations through the buttons are simple and quick so that users are satisfied. Fluidity in performance is necessary for an app to get published in Apple app store.

Downloads should be fast and easily available thus making the journey from swift transition to home screen smooth.

Mobile app developers should keep one thing in mind that look of the app is the second concern but optimization of the app is the key concern. If the user is unable to get entertained from your app, and due to heavy graphics there are lags while using it, the app will ruin your expectations.

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  • Don’t use your own payment system

If the app is a paid one or uses some in-app purchases to unlock certain features, the payment must be made through Apple’s purchasing system. Use of your own payment site would be illegal and the app would be immediately discarded from being published.

This process is mandatory just to ensure secured transaction of money via Apple.

  • Not enough testing is done

If you want your app to be published in Apple app store, thorough testing is required and especially when you are not providing them for free. Even the smallest issues cannot be ignored when it comes to standing in Apple’s marketplace.

All the glitches must be corrected before sending it in app store otherwise it will definitely lead to rejection. However, all the iOS app development companies take care of it as they have sole testers for the bugs.

  • App description is not appropriate 

The last thing that is scrutinized is the app description. If the app description is not appropriate with respect to what the app is being used for, then also the Apple reviewer can drop your app.

Also, it is the key thing which the user sees before downloading the app hence proof-reading should be done vigorously and the briefing must be relevant to the app contents. 

Remember:“A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise.”

There are certain common mistakes that the owners might do, like one should not be advertising the app, it should be precise and no ambiguity or grammatical errors are allowed.

  • Copyright problem

This is the most important thing that should be kept in the mind of iOS app developers as duplicate apps lead to copyright issues. For instance, we see so many games similar to the flappy bird, but we don’t know which one is original, this is the only reason why usefulness of app matters now!!

If there had been no remodeling of apps then the original app loses its usability, so to last an expression on the mind of users, the app should offer something worth using and entertaining. It is obvious that if there are already 16 versions of apps present in the app store, the app would not be accepted subsequently.

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To Conclude

The mobile app developers should keep in mind above barriers while they develop the product. Making up to the list of apps on Apple app store is itself the biggest achievement.

After all, it is all about testing, functionality, according to the Apple’s guidelines, working online and has the accurate description. Taking Apple’s name is what defines you on the list of top-rated mobile application development companies for iOS platform.

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