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Women in tech-world can revolutionize app development

“The participation of women in the technology hasn’t been that significant. This is the time to take active participation; this will be revolutionary for app development too.”

Experts say that in order to build a successful mobile application development team, it’s vital to ensure different sorts of resources and expertise on-board. Women and men are two different genders, but they are also two different sorts of brains working in the same goal with different learning and expertise.

The mobile application development can benefit effectively from the involvement of women in technology as they have a different set of understanding of technology, problem solutions and working on it. Women involvement and empowerment can help to get transformative mobile development results in no time.

If we look worldwide, the women participation in top management and executive levels; this is really a shocking fact. Here, there is an interesting statistics relaxing for women, according to the EY study; the 30% women leadership can add up to 6% increase in the profitability of an organization. 

If you look closely, the highly gender-diverse technology companies do better than their peers do. As per the Morgan Stanley reports, this margin goes to 5.4% compared to just 1% to 2% in other industries.

This is a significant difference; the top management should look into this figure and try to understand the concept of gender diversity.

These researches and analysis are focusing on the strong link between diversity and profitability for an organization, which is applicable for mobile app development organization. The Harvard Business Review article also emphasizes the idea of mixed genders in a team for better results.

It clearly says that the diverse teams are smarter. This is because of the theory that different people may challenge your brain to focus on certain facts, process information more carefully and think creatively which is difficult in a conventional manner.

Forbes finding says that approx 86% of global believe that a diverse work culture is necessary for innovation. A wide range of experience and learning can help generate new ideas about products or services.

STEM or Science, Technology, and Math used to be the men dominating the area of learning and working. Yet, women stepped into this area too; STEM is the new verticals.

However, the careers in mobility and other STEM fields have been inviting the women to work hard and get the executive positions. Despite the fact that men majorly dominate these areas; the exact figure is 80% compared to women.

The fact is that women are finishing college at record-breaking rates, but the disheartening figure says that only 1% graduates with technology-related degrees compared to 6% of men. 

Do you know that despite the ample scope, the technology skills gap stops women to get into the top level of management?

Yes, women are least interested to work for the higher positions, yet they wish to become in the positions. These barriers limit skilled female technologists to get into active participations.

It could be a practical approach if women put more efforts into their work and the executives must consider the technology skills gap of women and men. Let’s have a look over the common gender inclusive workforce.

• Lack of guidance (48 %)

• Unavailability of female role models (42 %)

• Gender bias in the workplace (39 %)

• Unequal growth opportunities compared to men (36 %)

• Sometimes-unequal pay for the same skills between men and women (35 %) 

In fact, this is not because of differences between genders; though gender differentiation is also there. Global organizations and top management are pushing hard to get more.

They address it actively by openly encourage women to pursue technology. The idea to remove barriers to mentors, career development, childcare and participation with limited tech backgrounds is needed for women.

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Top management wants to get the women to take more and active participation in it as well to bring better inputs with it. The women empowerment should be implemented effectively.

Apart from that, what else should be the next course of actions to increase the active participation of women in the STEM and top management levels, let’s discuss here. However, women pursuing tech careers within the organization may lack behind in the background coding, but they can take active participation in the management sections too.

• We should include women in diverse teams for giving solutions hacking and concept design

• The idea to provide immediate solution to develop participation with no-code and low-code app development platforms for better understanding

• By fostering gender diversity by encouraging women to apply for UX and UI design roles for women

• The idea of empowering women leadership by boosting women’s interest in project management and business analyst roles will be more effective

The idea is simple; women and organization should take step effectively. The organization with more women can create more diverse, innovative teams and remove the representation barriers for tomorrow’s workforce.

The effectiveness will be close to the statistics given above.

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