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12 fillers that are most concentrated essence of successful mobile apps


Is it the app promotion or app testing that makes the app successful even before it hits the app stores? There is hope that progressed from possibility to actuality.

With 1 million apps over the major app stores, it becomes imperative to understand which type of mobile app will be required for your business. What is even more essential is to understand what makes a mobile application succeed in the market? According to a study, on an average, a normal user keeps around 20 to 30 applications on their mobile phones but they make use of just 2-3 applications on regular basis.

In order to convert naïve users into reliable customers and retain them, there is a need to understand some crucial elements.

#1 Find the Solution

Solve the problem as it comes.

Remember the initial need to create the mobile app, why it was created and what purpose is it going to solve? If requirement phase is clear, then it will be easy to go on towards further phases of app development cycle. The app must meet the requirements of customers and must be developed in a way such that it attracts potential ones.

#2 App with Objective Works Wonders

Even if the app is created to focus on one feature or issue, and if it caters to that well, the purpose is solved. Although money is important it is time that the users value the most.

It is to be an app that can be used in a variety of situations. It is important to validate the app idea with research to ensure that it is successfully delivering the value that you intend to deliver.

#3 Keep It Unornamented

The application must be un-cluttered, simple and easy to use. It must be designed in a way such that it makes life easier for user, the flow of the app must be intuitive, navigation across the app must be easy, the UI/UX of the app must convey the right message and the user must be able to comprehend it in the same way as the developer wants to explain, documentation must be available but it must not be essentially required to use the app and naïve user must be able to understand it in the first instance without help.

#4 Implement Cross-Platform App Framework

Although it is not always required, one of the tricks for developing successful mobile application is to implement  the app in a way such that it is compatible to be migrated across platforms, cross browser support, re-usability of the code and combining the best features of  PWA, Native and Web apps is appreciable. 

#5 Must Follow App Development Life Cycle

Every app must follow all phases of app development life cycle before being presented to the users. Testing the app on real users is essential before launch.

The deviations that might arise between user's expectations from your app and what you intended to present must be sorted out before the actual launch. To mitigate this situation, it is important to have a deep understanding of the customer's requirements, their expectations from this app and any risks that might follow in the process.

Steps that must be followed:

  1. Planning and Research for Mobile App
  2. Assessment of Technical feasibility
  3. Building a Prototype
  4. Designing of Mobile App
  5. Design to Development Handoff
  6. Testing the Mobile Application
  7. Deploying the mobile application

#6 All That's Free Looks Attractive

If you make it free, there are chances that it will enjoy more downloads. This enables users to test and check what the app has to offer.

In addition to this, this will allow you to have a better chance of displaying advertisements within the application. Once the users enjoy making use of the app they will be happy in going for in-app purchases and unlocking premium features.

#7 Personalize the Experience

Users crave to have apps customized to their needs and preferences. It is important to leverage profile information insights from user behavior on the app.

This will help in increasing user experience, engagement, and success of the app.

#8 Plan a Marketing Strategy

The correct marketing mix is essential to make the app popular among masses. If no one uses the app, irrespective of how flawless, groundbreaking or streamlined the app is, it is of no use.

The efforts have to be directed in right direction. The hard work has to be preached and marketed well so that it is interpreted by the intended audience in the way the app creator wishes it to be.

#9 Plan Ongoing Engagement

Once the app is launched, it is important to keep the audience hooked. App analytics can be leveraged to understand what keeps the audience hooked – is it the content, graphics, user experience, navigation, features etc.

Customers must be reminded of the app products and services at the optimal time.

#10 Provide a Means to Channelize Feedback

Adding a customer service channel that is readily accessible and intuitive can significantly improve the user experience. It is important to have a channel for communication, feedback, ratings, and reviews.

This helps users to connect on one to one basis and chances of negative user experience are minimalized. In return app reputation is boosted.

#11 Track In-App Analytics

This allows understanding user behavior over the app and this data can significantly help in measuring the success of the app.

#12 Tackle Regular Updates

When we have a new app every 15 minutes, it becomes imperative to quantify user needs and iterate accordingly. Dedicated mobile app developers are committed to release regular updates in order to fix bugs and keep more and more users coming for more.

It is important to ensure that the app content remains updated and relevant.

Ending of the Symphony

It is vital to the resolution that dedicated mobile app developers  are able to ensure when they make an app that monetization strategy doesn’t get in the way of user experience. SMS marketing, subscription model, in-app purchases, freemium opportunities and Crowdfunding etc., before indulging in any of the these revenue earning features of the app, it is important to study the market and determine which idea works best.

It must be ensured that end user does not suffer in the process of making the app profitable. This can be fixed by making use of advertisements that are rewarded.

Moreover, it is also important to study rival behavior in the same domain. Success follows if value is delivered to the users.

It is imperative to find the right app development platform to execute the marketing strategy and variety of business functions.

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