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Best Mobile App Design Practices: To Expand your Business Reach

Do you think you are following the best mobile app design practices? Yes, No or don’t know? Well, building an app is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Even if you know the coding, it is not necessary that you can become a successful mobile app developer. Apart from fluid performance, there are various things that are crucial to make it popular among users.

There are countless app development companies available in the online market. So, the question is how to pick a relevant one? We can’t trust anyone; after all, it is about the reputation of our brand.

Therefore, make sure that you are selecting the right organization for developing your mobile app. However, even some good companies fail to follow a standard mobile app design. Today, I am going to list some tactics that you must include while creating a mobile app design.

Strategies for a Better Mobile App Design

  • Know the Difference

Making a move from desktop to mobile is not a cakewalk. It is necessary for a mobile app developer to recreate the similar screens that your app have on its desktop version. You need to require modifying your way of thinking. Mobile devices make it easier for the users to access the apps from anywhere, anytime.

However, apart from the ease, an app that has been developed should be designed according to the needs of the users. This is essential to make your app famous among users. If you are a little bit confused, I would like to make it simpler for you. Ask these questions to yourself and go for iOS or Android app development accordingly:

  • What exactly the surroundings of your user?
  • When and where they can use your mobile app?
  • What is the market condition when you are developing this app?
  • Give it a Simple Look

Here, two things play a major role and i.e. Discoverability and Understanding. Discoverability makes it possible for the users to figure out that what actions are needed. This feature even allows them to know, how to perform the required actions. Another important thing for making a perfect mobile design is Understanding. It allows users to understand that how the product is supposed to be used. Moreover, all the settings and different controls are easy to decipher with this feature.

Follow a logical hierarchy, in order to avoid the confusion. Utilizing clear labels and icons for navigation purpose will add on to its functionality. It will make your app design easily accessible and instinctive.

  • Keep it Minimal

As a matter of fact, the screen of mobile phones are smaller than the desktop, therefore, it is important for you to decide what the most crucial thing is. It is similar to downsizing your house. Thoroughly think that what you want to place in each room.  Basically, you need consider these things as mentioned:

  • What primary action the users are going to perform here?
  • What are they searching for?
  • How can you make it easier for them?

Make sure, you don’t overload the users with a huge amount of information at a time. Rather, let them expose steadily. A novice user will only require some specific features, whereas a pro user will wish for more.

A good mobile app development company always makes sure that the navigation is precise. They keep it their app customer-centric and this is what everyone should focus on.  In addition, you need to make the online forms less complicated.

  • Build Functional Animations

A good UI animation gives much more than only bringing the page to life. This develops a sense of context and clarifies to users that how they can go back to the previous page, provides visual feedback, along with other details.

For instance, once you click on the list item, it should make it enlarge to the full view. Clear and subtle transitions can actually take your mobile app to the next level. Moreover, the lively and interesting interface enables the users to know the change to another layout. 

  • Utilize Push Notifications

Using push notifications is one of the best ways to expand the reach of your app. These notifications help in keeping your customers up to date. If something very important has happened you can inform them with the notifications. Even you can use these alert messages to tell them about any new update in your mobile application. Not only this, you can even use them to tell them the value they can avail with the help of your product. Just understand what brings the customers to your app and using which content you can enhance their interest and engagement.


That’s all from my side. I just want to give a little advice, try to create your mobile app for both the operating systems. Android and iOS app development are in trend nowadays. Hope this write-up would help you out. All the best for your next mobile app!

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