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Top Methods to Raise Funds for Your Startup


Have you recently decided to start your own business? Do you know how can you establish it successfully? If no, then you have certainly landed on the right page.

Most of the entrepreneurs are looking forward to start their mobile application developmentcompany, but the market is not restricted to this only. There are some other innovators who want to begin a startup based on the latest technologies. However, thinking to start your business is just a beginning; you have to cover a long journey for its accomplishment.

Firs and the most crucial thing you need, in order to begin your own business, is Funding.

Yes, we all know that how money plays an essential role to start any company. From hiring new resources to investing in infrastructure, everything is possible, only if you have a sufficient amount of money. Therefore, today I have come up with tactics using which you can raise funds for your business. So, let’s begin them without any further delay.

4 Ways to Get Money for Your Business

Build Effective Mobile Applications

The demand for mobile phones is increasing day-by-day and so do of mobile applications. However, developing an app is not a task of overnight. It requires a skilled and experienced team with a passion. Hence, there are multiple mobile app development companies available on the market that can help you out. A mobile app can grow your business with an immense rate only if they are designed in a well-manner. Moreover, with iOS or Android app development, you can enhance your reach across the world and grow your business revenue.


  • Increase your business reach
  • Positive impact on your brand
  • Improved revenue


  • Need proficient mobile app developers
  • Investment cost


Another popular method for a startup to grow its business is with the help of crowdfunding platforms. Advanced technology has made it simpler for people to exchange their issues on a social media platform. Wait…don't you know what crowdfunding platforms are? That’s ok; let me give you a brief introduction of them. These platforms are designed for individuals to showcase their business notions or problems to a particular community consist of investors or people who are ready to support their ideas. In short, this is a platform using which you raise funds for your business.


  • Introduces your idea to the world
  • Make it easier to raise funds
  • Potential to catch the attention of entrepreneurs


  • Competition is quite high
  • Possibility of rejection of your business idea
  • Bootstrapping Your Business

If you want to succeed in your business plan, always ensure that you have some funds stored for your business so that you can access them easily. The whole process of using personal stored fund or obtaining it from friends or relatives is popularly known as self-funding or bootstrapping. Yes, this is not a bad idea to begin your startup. Whether you are planning to initiate an iPhone app development company, Blockchain solutions, or anything trending, these funds would really help you out.


  • Flexible interest rates
  • Effortlessly access of your funds
  • No bureaucratic hurdles


There are no cons for the startup; the only thing is that this method is only helpful for the small businesses.

Loan from Bank

One of the older and reliable methods to give your business idea a new shape is the loan. Financial institutions offer loans to individuals, therefore if you approach them with a robust business plan, they will surely help you out. Make sure your business plan is well structured so that you can convince the banks that you will be able to repay your loan. There are two types of loans as per the financial provision:

  • Working Capital Loan: It is designed to complete one cycle of revenue generation. Debtors, as well as stocks generally have control over the limit.
  • Funding: The funding process involves offering the business plan and brief information of the evaluation with the project report on which you want to sanction your loan.


  • Access to large capital by entrepreneurs
  • Rapid growth of the income generation process


  • Risk of collateral loss

Additional Methods to Raise Funds

Product Pre-Sale: This is another method of raising money for your business. As per this tactic, you can go for pre-sale prior to launch your product officially. It helps you in building trust and enables to size up the requirement for your service or product before its official launch. Organizations, such as Samsung and Apple, work on this procedure, permitting the users to do pre-purchases.

Credit Cards: You must have used business credit cards. These are a quick source of funding. Fresh businesses that acquire heavy expenditure can use their credit cards if they meet the minimum payment need.

Final Thoughts

If you are starting a mobile app development company, you can hire the reasonable mobile app developers with sufficient skills. Moreover, all these methods, mentioned in this write-up are reliable and give your business a kicking start.

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