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Digital marketing strategies every startup can afford

When it comes to marketing your small business, a limited budget seems like the need of world but don’t worry as you are not alone. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who forged innovative methods to drum up the customers.


When the cash really starts flowing, it means you are in better shape and you can scale your marketing without breaking a sweat. There are tons of low-budget marketing options that you can identify by hiring a mobile application development company.

Let’s have a look at digital marketing strategies -

  • Develop a Referral Program

In this digital trend, people have different choices when it comes to spending their money and advertising. How do people decide where to spend their hard-earned money? Generally, people don’t trust in advertising but referrals are one of the most important tools in present times.

According to the 2014 study, 85% of mobile application developers get a majority of their customers from referrals. By providing high quality, reliable products, you can easily earn referrals.


  • In the first step, you have to decide how you will incentivize existing customers. One of the best ways to do that just provides a discount when someone makes a purchase with you.
  • After that, set up a system that streamlines the process and makes the whole referral process miraculously easy. Besides this, also choose a system to automate the back-end of your program.
  • Once your system is ready to go, just take a moment to tap into customers. The person who has left a positive review of your company is most likely to participate in your referral program.
  • Partner Up

When it comes to elaborate marketing tactics, you can partner up with another business and can make the process extremely easier. Working with a partner means that you will get all the benefits of the marketing initiative.

Partnership mainly works as marketing tactics as it allows both parties to stretch limited budgets and bandwidth.


  • Compile a list of potential partners based on audiences but start with defining your audience.
  • In the next thing, put your value into words. You need to keep in mind all kinds of aspects of your business like brand recognition, expertise etc.
  • In the last step, develop a plan & pitch the partner.
  • Email Marketing

Email is one of the best low budget marketing tools. It is super affordable and also effective at generating effective revenues.

There are various large as well as small businesses, where email marketing is a substantial part of their digital strategy.


  • The first step is to create an email marketing strategy and after that decide what kinds of emails have to send. Determine the goals for the campaign and this will lead you to types of email you have to send.
  • After that, you have to design, test and optimize your emails. When it comes to design, simplicity & optimization is a must.
  • In the last step, you have to automate everything. Automation allows email marketing to be to be so hands-off and you can create the strategy on the front end.
  • Apply for Business Competitions and Awards

The biggest advantage of applying for business awards is that you can easily get the opportunity to pitch your business in front of key industry peeps and journalists. There is no doubt in saying that exposure can open various kinds of doors for your business from networking to investment sales.

Pitching your business means that you will be exposed to resources. In this digital era, you can find a business competition for almost any stage of business.


  • Find a relevant competition to attract peers from the audience.
  • Competitions have different requirements so you have to prepare the documents accordingly.
  • If you win the competition, you can easily take your business to next level.
  • Get Remarkable Business Cards

The most overlooked form of marketing is business cards. There is no doubt in saying that unique and memorable business cards can shake up stale routine and hence they can be proved as the conversation starter as well as the differentiator.


  • First of all, you have to decide you have to use to design your cards. Hire a graphic designer and take help to create a unique design.
  • Keep the design simple and make sure the text is easy to read.
  • Once your card is ready, you can easily represent your business as well as get more impressions as well as potential customers.


There are plenty of options for low-budget marketing and it is up to you what kind of marketing tactics you are using for your android application development company. To scale your marketing without breaking a sweat, use low-budget marketing options for cash-strapped businesses and drum up the customers without breaking the bank.

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