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Why should you upgrade your Android application from Java to Kotlin?

The Android platform is considered as the best mobile operating system in the industry because of the features and facilities that it provides to the developers. The developers work way much to get the application ready according to the user’s expectations and requirements. This has made many Android applications a part of the user’s daily life. There are applications on Play Store that helps many users in their day to day life. Until recent years, the developers use to develop Android applications with Java which was the official programming language of Android platform. The complete Android platform was developed on Java language. The developers used Java as their primary development language for developing an Android application.

During the Google I/O event 2018, Android announced that they are making Kotlin as their primary language for development. They previously added many features in the Android studio which was able to allow Kotlin codes to compile.

When the announcement was made many development companies and developers started to wonder about the developed applications. Many major companies started to upgrade their developed application from Java to Kotlin.

If your application hasn’t upgraded from Java to Kotlin, there is a potential that the Java could be obsolete in the future. Here are some more reasons that will explain why you should upgrade your Android app from Java to Kotlin.

Improved code maintenance

The Kotlin codes are completely easy to code and maintain when compared to Java codes. The improved coding techniques have made the development of Android applications faster.

The developed applications can also be altered easily which will make the application easier to upgrade from Java to Kotlin. The development time of the application is reduced significantly with improved code maintenance in the future.

Better user experience

The Kotlin codes provide better user experience to the users via their developed application. The application takes less time to compile which eventually speeds up the application.

The user experience in the Android app is much more enhanced and Kotlin language is a plus point to the application. The app launch also attracts many users because of the user experience.

Adoption rate

There are many companies of Android App Development in India, USA, Australia, UK, and other major IT hub cities around the cities that are adopting and upgrading their Android applications from Java to Kotlin language. This will make major applications run on Kotlin which then empower the Android to make all Java-based application obsolete.

Here are some of the reasons that justify why you should upgrade your Android app from Java to Kotlin. These factors also bring many advantages that your application can enjoy if you upgrade your Android app from Java to Kotlin.

Hence if your application still runs on Java, it is about time that you upgrade to a much-advanced platform such as Kotlin.

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