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Top 6 technologies that will revolutionize mobile app development in 2018

Technology is evolving rapidly and each year mobile app development companies taking huge benefit for it. If you have an app idea, then it needs to be equipped with the latest technologies mentioned here.


No one can deny the fact that mobile app development is a huge thing in the present tech-savvy world. If you have a unique idea for an app, then that is not enough! Making your app stand out in a crowd among millions is one of the major concerns for mobile app development companies and developers.

The tech industry is the only industry, which is updating frequently with several developments. As per my research, is you are into the mobile app development field, then you must keep yourself updated with technology innovations happening across the globe.

It is clear that implementing the right mobile app development strategy won't assure you to the success, you need to be upgraded with the latest trends. Here, I have discussed top five technologies that will flourish the mobile app development industry in the year 2018.

Take a look-

Artificial Intelligence

Obviously, the concept of AI is not new, but the Artificial Intelligence Integration to the mobile apps is definitely a great combination. It not only makes the apps smarter but also saves a lot of money for the companies.

With the growing efforts by experts, AI is set to offer business users some very delightful insights via advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces to complex systems and machine learning tech.

When talking about Artificial intelligence in mobile phones, the first thing comes to our mind is Apple’s Siri. But, AI is not just limited to Google’s Assistant or Apple’s Siri anymore, it is growing much more than that and 2018 seem to be the year when we will witness mobile app developers incorporating more of artificial intelligence in the apps.

From a business perspective, AI has the potential for building a more organized and resourceful business ecosystem.

The Rise of Chatbots

Chatbots are the AI-powered devices that can imitate human conversations. Chatbots are turning out to be quite trendy in 2018 because of its features.

Currently, there are nearly 2.2 million apps in Google Play Store and 2 million in Apple App Store, but how many of them have employed chatbots to facilitate better UI/UX services in their app? Very few! Therefore, it has a wide scope.

The chatbots are being widely appreciated by several users because of their quick and precise answers whenever they needed. Considering its key aspects, Moreover, the Android and iOS app developers are working on to integrating the chatbots to their apps, which offers services like online shopping, food delivery, and cab services

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

It has been clearly identified that Virtual reality and Augmented Reality apps will see an increase in demand and will drive the field of mobile app development. Both of these technologies have revolutionized the gaming and entertainment industry.

Obviously, you all have heard about Pokémon Go! Apart from that, the animations and stickers you can add to your post in social media are possible via AR technology. This is not the end, a lot more to come! In the year 2018, the AR integration will be the most essential step for the mobile app development industry.

Tech giants, Apple have launched ARKit & Google has come up with ARCore, for a developer to innovate and create some meaningful mobile solutions for the smartphone users. This will be a great move for the mobile technology world.

Blockchain Technology

Another most interesting technology you must be aware of is Blockchain. This is basically shared ledgers that can’t be altered easily.

Blockchain has given rise to a new type of currency, known as Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is also another example for that.

However, it is so much more than just the technology behind cryptocurrencies. In a very short span of time, it has revolutionized the approach to mobile payments.

The Blockchain technology has been used by many payment apps for providing the trustable and uncompromised safety during the transaction, for example- Glyph, Fold, and BitPay. In the coming years, we expect that there will be more such apps.

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Predictive Analytics

As the name implies, predictive analysis is the thing, which is related to future predictions. Presently, various tech giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM and other mobile app development organizations are using data analytics to analyze the results of their app.

With the help of AI and machine learning, it can predict future results for your business.

Smart Cloud Computing

The growth of mobile cloud computing has manifold benefits. With the addition of cloud computing in mobile applications, it is now much easier to store up data as well as process heavy tasks on mobiles.

One of the major benefits is the security of the data it offers! The most common services that use cloud technology are Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Amazon cloud etc. For mobile apps, it's all about reducing the impact on a mobile devices' internal memory.

Final Words-

Every year comes something new and interesting to the mobile app development industry. If you don't want to be left behind in this competitive world, then you must consider all these app development trends before you start working on your app.

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