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Mobile Apps are reshaping the Manufacturing Industry


Running a manufacturing business is not a cakewalk, but a hard nut to crack. Talking about the current scenario, it is facing multiple challenges. This is why most of the manufacturing organizations have already taken the help of different technologies, as well as platforms to enhance their business reach.

Now, in the middle of digitization, Mobile applications have made their own place in the market. Yes, mobile apps have now become quite important for every business and manufacturing industry is not an exception.

This is why mobile app development companies are getting popularity among manufacturing

If you want to know what all a mobile app can offer to the manufacturing sector, then you need to read the below section. However, before that, I would like to put some light on the current usage of apps in the manufacturing industry. 

So, let’s get started without any wasting any time.

Current Statistics

iOS or Android app developers know that for an effective management, there is a need for an impeccable app. Being aware of this fact, over 30% of the discrete manufacturing industry and 50% of the process manufacturing industry are leveraging the power of mobile technology.

There are multiple forms that are used by this industry for the implementation of mobile technology. Some are using RFID-based sensors and others are using mobile apps, in order to automate multiple processes.

The below-stated statistics explains why manufacturing organizations are inclined towards the vast use of apps, along with the other enterprise mobility solutions.

  • 80% of manufacturers are planning to improve the usages of mobile apps with other mobility solutions, in order to experience high productivity in manufacturing processes.
  • 70% of manufacturers look at the mobility as the main driving factor to turn the downtime into the productive one.

Transform Manufacture Procedure with Mobility

Smartphones and applications aren't useful only for enhancing the manufacturing procedure; they are additionally giving organizations various chances to make future sales opportunities and keep clients occupied with the brand even after the products are sold. For instance, connected devices enable the car manufacturers to evaluate deterioration and guide clients to keep up the car for the best value over its lifecycle.

In spite of the fact that connected devices have simply started to hit the market, they will be soon established in numerous enterprises.

Manufacturers that aren't using mobile applications are falling behind. The tremendous contrasts in communication, data analysis, process control, and information access are sufficient to enable organizations to opt for mobile apps.

Here are some benefits of mobile applications and their positive impact on the manufacturing industry.  

Give Timely Notifications to Engineer’s Team

Getting information on time is the essence in a manufacturing industry, which is highly regulated. Mobile-based sensors assist manufacturers with capturing information associated with the production machinery, as well as maintenance needed by the quality and production control team.

Help Field Service Technicians

Cloud-based mobile applications can assist the field technicians to get precise data by communicating about requirements and parts. By using mobility, manufacturers can easily help the technician, in order to handle customer issues with the accurate parts at the primary service call.

The functionality of CRM makes the data accessible, as well as puts information into the mobile worker’s hands hence increase the adoption rate.

Easy Management of Asset

As mentioned earlier, Android or iOS app developers are quite in demand nowadays. In the manufacturing industry, assets and plants are spread in multiple locations around the globe.

However, maintenance data needs to be centralized and this process is not as simple as it seems to be. A lot of paperwork is needed to be done, which can result in the delay of the work.

This issue can be easily resolved with the help of advanced mobile applications. They allow the maintenance workers to access the crucial data with instant communication with the help of email, phone, and real-time messaging.

Improve Shop Floor Management

Wireless-enabled radio frequency data-capture systems or devices are utilized for tracking and monitoring almost everything, which functions within a manufacturing environment. M2M (Machine-to-machine) and HMI (Human-Machine interfaces) will permit floor supervisors to maintain and regulate shop-floor activities anytime and anywhere through their devices.

Numerous technologies can be utilized, in order to track the movement of assets right from the production to the inventory, store, and logistics.

Final Thoughts

As discussed above, there are numerous challenges related to the manufacturing industry. Therefore, several mobile app development companies are trying to offer something unique to the manufacturing companies.

An impeccable app can enhance all the processes involved in the manufacturing of a product.  It would not be wrong to say that mobility is forcing the manufacturers to fight in customers’ and prospects’ timeframes, giving greater value in less time. 

However, it is crucial to partner with reliable app developers so that you can get a bug-free, cost-effective, and flawless mobile app to make your business successful.

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