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Why choose Node.js framework for mobile app development?

In this commercial environment, businesses generally prefer those application frameworks that can reduce the entire time taken to do the marketing of the apps. Everyone wants to get ahead of his or her respective competitors. It has been a long time now, the organizations implementing the Node.js framework for mobile app development as it assists organizations to promote their apps shortly.


Node.js uses JavaScript, which is one of the most popular programming languages of today. Therefore, if you are thinking to use Node.js for your mobile app development, then this is indeed the right place for you.

Yes, in this write-up, I am going to explain a few points to show that why it is a good choice for app development. So, grab a cup of coffee and something to munch on and let’s get started without any further delay.

7 Advantages of Choosing Node.js

Mobile app developers always try to give their clients the best and Node.js helps them in a huge way. These are some 7 key factors that make Node.js a perfect framework:

  • Less Time to Market

As mentioned in the beginning, Node.js lessens the time that should be devoted to the marketing of a new app. Do you know how? Let’s take the example of PayPal.

While developing this mobile app, the modular design of framework, lesser lines of code, and cross-organizational collaboration came of a huge help to the app developers. Reid Burke, one of the senior software developers at Yahoo, had mentioned some amazing things at Yahoo Summit.

According to him, the framework enabled the app developers to ship production ready Node.js apps within 30 days by using modular design. Therefore, in case you hire node.js developers, you can ensure that they will be able to build, test, and implement services that will meet all the requirements of your customers.

  • Amazing Ecosystem

Because Node.js has a modular design, it gives a brilliant ecosystem for iOS or Android app developers to develop apps. For allowing server-side development, the ecosystem of Node.js builds a mixture out of front-end JavaScript app developers works and low-level system programmers.

Its ecosystem has numerous dependencies. And this is the reason why it makes it easier for the users to utilize, embrace, and share it.

NPM, which is a package manager for Node.js, is the main package ecosystem of this framework. As per, you can find around 300,000 packages.

Moreover, there is an addition of more than 300 new packages on a daily basis, which is three times extra as compared to another ecosystem.

  • Reasonable Operations

If opt for Node.js development services, you will figure out that it will cost you nothing as it is simple to build mobile apps using this framework. As per the market research, it has been proved that organizations that prefer to go for Node.js framework require lesser computing power, in order to host them.

Let’s compare it with Java. If you will opt for a conventional Java installation, 64GB of RAM and 32 cores would be occupied by it.  On the other hand, it is possible to access at least 32 instances of the Node.js mobile app on similar hardware.

The framework is simple to adapt to a modern cloud environment and allows the operations team to set up a peer-to-peer relationship between computing resources and servers. It would not be wrong to say that the process of app building can be made rapid and swift via Node.js, which ultimately down the labor costs.

  • Allows You to Design Instant Web Applications

When it comes to designing instant web applications, such as chat and games; it is an effective framework. Due to the involvement of JavaScript in the client side and server side, it offers fast synchronization.

You can easily understand it actual potential via websockets. They are utilized to manage the applications’ performance when there is an unexpected rise in traffic.

Numerous cloud platforms are compatible with Node.js. Hence, if you wish to design an instant app, Node.js is the best choice for you.

  • Modular Design

Developing mobile apps in Node.js is a huge experience for Android or iOS app developers. This is due to it requires lines of code, which is 33% lesser comparatively other frameworks. Moreover, it can manage a number of requests per second.

It can even reduce the response time by 35% in association to the Java edition. As stated above, PayPal uses Node.js so that it can advance a monolithic app environment.

Traditionally, Java app development frameworks were utilized to persuade the formation of huge monolithic apps. However, these days, developers wish for service-oriented architectures to deal with complicated software within wide business environments.

  • Assists Monitor Dashboards

Apps built in Node.js offer you with a user-friendly system dashboard. These dashboards allow the business owners to understand visualizations and visitors instantly.

Moreover, it offers user statistics to owners and allows them to know what the visitors are doing and which feature or features they like the most.

  • Remarkable Community Support

Node.js Foundation provides an immense quality community support to all the app developers. The resources, such as NodeSource are also there to offer live instrumentation of production environment with the help of N|Solid.

It performs so without modifying the app codes and provides insights for app developers that are building these applications. Confused? Let me put this in a simpler way.

NodeSource is accurately what HortonWorks is to Hadoop or what Red Hat is to Linux. No matter what a company requires, support or resources for resolving Node.js problems, NodeSource gives it all!

Final Words

No doubt, there are multiple frameworks available in the online market, but Node.js is one of the brilliant tools. It helps you to develop server-side web apps in JavaScript.

In addition, it is evolving with time making web development processes easier for you. Several mobile app development companies are implementing this framework to build effective apps.

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