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How retail stores are lapping on Augmented Reality to improve sales and customer experience


Augmented reality has a great potential to boost sales and improve your business. Retailers are using AR technology to create a better user experience and extend their geographic reach.

The best thing about AR is that it helps business owners to build awareness about their brand. Whether you use AR technology for marketing or advertising purpose, it can expand your brand’s reach.

Pepsi, one of the leading beverage companies has used AR technology to drive brand awareness through marketing campaigns. Instead of putting typical posters, the company used AR powered posters and attracted millions of people.

Although using 3D format is a bit expensive, it is a great way to build the buzz and encourage users to engage with the company.

The AR features will allow users to move objects around accurate scale. For example – if the customer is planning to buy living room furniture, he/she can see how exactly it will look in their living room. The AR tools are designed to provide buyers more conviction when buying expensive products online. AR helps the customers by removing physical exertion and providing users with accurate information.

So what all retailers are doing with AR technology to accomplish their business goals.

How are retailers benefitting from AR apps?

There are a number of brands that are experimenting with Augmented Reality to promote their products and improve sales. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the retail sector can make more money in future. It is estimated that 35% of online customers use AR while shopping. Most of them use it to compare different products in the similar category. More than 40% of users admitted the fact that they prefer using AR during deals and discounts. Some of the popular sectors of AR retail are – furniture, clothes, footwear, cosmetics, toys, and jewelry.

Bring retail experience to home

A number of reputed companies are using AR to attract new customers. Some companies even developed AR based apps that allow shoppers to see how exactly the products look in their homes. Ikea is the best AR app that projects furniture into living room digitally. According to the company, the app can scale properly and place objects with 98% accuracy. Consumers are adopting new technologies much faster than before. It is believed that AR and VR would become the most popular marketing tools in the coming years.

Interactive user experience

The main advantage of AR apps or online store is that it is easier to find what you are looking for. All you need to do is just type the product name or code in the search bar and it appears in seconds. Even the most experienced retailer would sometimes struggle to find a particular item in an unfamiliar store. However, online stores make it easier for the user to find products. Tango is the best example of such store that allows users to create a shopping list. It then directs the user to those products from among more than 400 stores.

Help users to make a purchase decision

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a higher chance of buying the stuff. In a survey, it was found that people are more likely to buy the product if they are allowed to preview with AR. People who do offline shopping spend more time in physical stores. They believe that AR saves their time and help them make a better decision. Additionally, AR provides extra information about the product and keeps the customers get satisfied.  

Generate new opportunities

Many brands rely on AR to build a relationship with customers. In fact, it can create a memorable experience for users. Starbucks is one of the best examples of AR apps that created an awesome customer experience at its Shanghai Roastery. The users just need to hold their phones at different items and walk around the store. The users will learn about the history of Starbucks and process of coffee-making.

Remove language barriers

AR makes it easier for international brands to enter new markets around the world. There are many options to avoid language problems. Google Language Translator mode is one of the best options that allow users to choose from 40 languages. The content in the printed catalog allows users to choose from tips to detailed information.

What is the future of AR in the retail industry?

There is always a thin line between Reality and Virtual Reality. Customers have already embraced this technology. More than 60% of online shoppers prefer to shop at stores with AR features. The AR market is anticipated to grow significantly and it makes sense for retailers to embrace AR technology.

We can expect the traditional shopping to mix with e-commerce in the coming years. The future is bright for both the retailers and customers. Besides this, the biggest digital payment providers like – Visa and Mastercard will definitely benefit by incorporating AR in the retail industry. 


As more and more retailers are leveraging the power of augmented reality, it has become essential for them to remain focused. If you just choose to use the technology, you won’t see the results you are looking for. If you want to increase brand awareness, you should follow a holistic approach. Make sure that the AR experience is providing real value to the consumers and is not solely entertainment driven.

Augmented reality can enhance your advertising campaign, generating much deeper customer engagement and social media coverage. Want to develop your own AR app? Engage with Promatics Technologies, a professional mobile app development agency today!

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