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Earn Customers’ Trust when you have zero sales


When you write about an app, it becomes extremely essential to differentiate between the way you think and the way your clients think about the application.

If you are a small-business owner or a mobile app development company then you just need to convey your app benefits in both spoken and written form.

Tips to Improve Customer Trust

a. Share Human side of your business

Generally, customers tend to distrust brands at first glance. This is because their ultimate goal is to make money.

So, this is the main reason if you want to overcome consumer skepticism so that you can show the human side of your business.

If you want to add authenticity to your brand then you need to consider introducing yourself i.e., the main person behind the success. Beside this, you can add the human face to your own business as through this you can build a kind of emotional connection with customers.

b. Build a relationship through content

There is no doubt in saying that content is a powerful tool for connecting to new users.  Content also help consumers to get more familiar with your brand especially if you develop a distinct brand voice.

All such things are important because it will show the personality behind your brand and help people feel like they can trust you.

c. Show customers that security is your priority

If you want to feel customers more comfortable then ensure that your site looks trustworthy. Nowadays, cyber security is a huge issue so the customer may fear about giving anyone their credit card information.

Security-boosting apps not only add another layer of protection but also improve the value of your brand.

How to write about an app’s benefits?

We are here describing you 6 ways through which you can write about an app benefits –

Write Concisely

It is important to find out that your product is really good and up to what extent. While talking about your product, be concise and try to write in bullet points instead of essays.

We all better know that people need information quickly and this is the reason you should avoid writing in paragraphs. If possible, consider testing your language with an A/B test.

It does not matter which kind of language you are using, you need to emphasize that your app exists to solve problems and making people’s lives better and easier.

Focus on the core experience

If you are going to write about your app’s benefits then you need to focus on the core experience that your app provides to the user. Avoid details, add-ons and ask yourself what is more important for you and then focus writing on that.

If you are an app developer or app creator then you’re going to be interested in details that the average user may appreciate as much as you do. If you are failing to focus on app’s purpose then it will result in a shallow description that could leave readers asking “What does this app do again?” and walking away.

Stop Adding Features

If you are adding more features and you are thinking that you are adding more value then you are wrong at this time. You need to remember one thing and that is core experience.

If you describe more features then definitely it will make your product more confusing and convoluted.

Instead of thinking about app features, you need to focus on how you’re application can prove useful for customers. In present times, people are more interested in knowing your app’s purpose and that should prove a big selling point for you.

Well, you might have some nice little side benefits, but the more you talk about these perks, the less you are talking about the main reason they’re interested.

Remember that app is never complete

Your app is going to change over time, and so will its features. What is less likely to change is the customer’s experience.

When you’re releasing a new version, remember to reinforce in your writing that it’s still the same app people love, just with improvements. While you may think your tweaking and updating is amazing, resist the temptation to present the new version as completely different.

People like your app, so don’t sell an update as a new product. Talk about the update in terms of its benefits, but frame them for what they are an improved version of the app people already love.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t write the app description. The writing itself can always use tweaking in terms of making it more persuasive and powerful.

Get Feedback about your App

In the world of Android app development, you need to find out what your client’s customer base wants. You need not waste your time and money in testing and developing for years, just get it out there and see what happens.

To accommodate the target audience, you need to make some. But it is always a good idea to find out that how much time is spent on development before realizing changes that need to be made.

Once you do that, you can incorporate this feedback into the app’s updates and the app copy.


Before writing anything, you need to keep end user’s perspective in mind.  You need to think about what kind of experience you provide instead of discussing its features.

This is because an average person is not interested in latest updates; in fact, they just want it to work in a way that improves their lives.  Because of this reason, you need to focus on how the app will solve a problem and benefit the user.

If you are writing a concise and to-the-point description then definitely it will beat a long-winded detailed description.

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