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What TensorFlow is all about and how it works?

TensorFlow is the deep learning solution through which we can build intelligent mobile applications & provide front-end API.

In the present era of digital technology, machine learning is considered as a complex discipline. All the credit of this goes to machine learning frameworks like Google’s TensorFlow.

It has simplified the various things for the mobile app development services such as the acquisition of data, training models, analyzing predictions etc. TensorFlow is an open source library that is developed by Google bream team for large-scale machine learning as well as for numerical computation.

In fact, it is combined with a slew of machine learning, algorithms, and deep learning to make them more irreplaceable.

This framework utilizes Python to offer a seamless front-end API while using high-performance C++. Besides this, TensorFlow is also capable of training and running extensive neural networks for image recognition, digital classification, natural language processing, machine translation & partial differential equation powered simulations.

The Working of TensorFlow

TensorFlow, an open source library allows developers to build data-flow graphs that describe how data flows through a series of processing nodes. All nodes not only signify mathematical operation but also set an edge between the nodes represents a multi-dimensional data array.

Through the Python language, Tensor delivers all productive series to the programmer. In fact, it is extremely easy to learn a language that offers simple ways to integrate high-level abstraction.

The transformational libraries that are available in the framework are usually written in C++ binaries. Python not only directs the traffic between nodes but also offer top-notch programming abstraction.

Some key highlights of TensorFlow


One of the prominent benefits of TensorFlow for machine learning development is an abstraction. Now the developers can focus on the overall logic of the application instead of dealing with every minute details of incorporating algorithms.

Google’s Online Hub

Google has also offered various product offerings to make it more efficient to deploy apps and use TPU for amplified performance, a mobile-friendly and online hub for sharing developed model. The overall machine learning has emerged as an essential element especially when it comes to optimizing the effectiveness of various technologies.

TensorFlow i.e., developed by Google’s brain team is also a remarkable open source library that has allowed developers to easily deploy the application and use it through the organized data flow.

Eager Execution Mode

TensorFlow provides convenience to app developers through eager execution mode. This entire not only modifies graph operation individually instead of developing the whole graph as a single ambiguous object and evaluating all at once.

Besides this, the censor board suite also allows app developers to inspect the way graph that is operated via the interactive dashboard.

What TensorFlow brings to the table: Use Cases

As we all know that TensorFlow is an open source artificial intelligence library that utilizes the data flow graphs for building models. TensorFlow is primarily used for perception, classification, understanding, discovering, creation and prediction.

Let’s check out the use cases of TensorFlow –

Sound Recognition

Sound based applications are one of the best examples of TensorFlow. This is because proper data feed is necessary for capturing the following audio-signals.

  • • Voice Recognition
  • • Sentiment Analysis
  • • Flaw Detection

Google Now for Android, Microsoft Cortana for Windows Phone, Apple’s Siri is the most common use cases. Also, by identifying language is the best use of voice recognition.

Text-based Applications

TensorFlow use cases also include sentimental analysis, text-based apps, threat detection, and fraud detection. One of the popular uses of text-based apps is to identify languages.

Let’s have a look at some examples –

Text Summarization – Recently Google has identified that short text can be easily summarized through the sequence to sequence learning.

SmartReply – In these conditions, automatic email responses are generated.

Google Translate – It supports 100+ languages translations. The best thing is that it works on all applications.

Image Recognition

Image recognition identifies as well as identifies the objects and people in the image. Besides this, it helps us to understand content and context in a better way.

It is widely used across social media channels, in the telecom, mobile manufacturing industries, image search, machine vision, motion detection, and photo clustering. This technology is quite popular in the healthcare industry too where the algorithms have the capability to generate more information by identifying more information.

Time Series

TensorFlow time series algorithms enable aids in generating alternative versions and enable forecasting on the non-specific time period. There are various leading companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix are able to analyze customer interactives.

There are various uses in the field of accounting, security & IoT, finance etc.

Video Detection

TensorFlow is also used in motion detection, real-time threat detection, security, airports, and UX/UI domains.  This also helps to accelerate search in the understanding large-scale video, representation learning, transfer learning, and domain adaptation approaches.

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Other Uses

There are also other use cases that are largely contributing to machine learning. Using TensorFlow, we can build machine learning algorithms such as K-Nearest Neighbors, decision learning etc.

Overall, TensorFlow is well integrated and fully dependent on GPU processing, C++, Python.


There is no doubt in saying that Machine learning is on the rise and has influenced the current generation to large extent. Google’s TensorFlow is an open source library that caters to large-scale machine learning.

Overall, TensorFlow is the best tool that makes machine learning and artificial intelligence extend beyond customer reaches.

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