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Tour & Travel mobile app: An absolute guide

Are you planning to build a traveling mobile app to take your business to the next level? Then, this write-up would surely help you out.


Gone are the days, when the travelers used to work within an office premise between 9 AM and 5 PM. Agents’ customer service utilities were restricted and time-consuming.

However, technology keeps on changing with the manners agents handled travel arrangements of their clients.

Nowadays, agents have realized the importance of mobile apps to make their business smooth and productive.

Mobile travel agents want to work from their office, home, car or every place, in order to stay active for their customers 24/7.

Statistics to Be Considered

As per Stastista, travel & tourism sector is predicted to create 17.3 billion U.S. dollars in profits by the end of 2020.

In fact, this industry is the world’s biggest industry with a worldwide financial contribution of more than 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in the year 2016. Roughly all travelers have smartphones and choose apps for a variety of jobs, such as hotel room booking, flight booking, etc.

As a result, mobile app development companies are flourishing by leaps and bound. These mobile apps bring contentment with multi-advantages for both users as well as organizations who have these apps.

Mobile applications for tourism industry have turned into a one-stop solution for its users because you don’t need different portals for ticket booking, travel-related shopping, insurance, etc. Here, are some examples of the apps associated with tour and travel business.

A Few Tour & Travel Mobile Apps

  • PackPoint

Available Free of Cost

A packing checklist is a helpful tool, in case, somewhat time-consuming to compile. However, what if a tool could make that list quickly for you?

Yes, PackPoint can help you out for the same. You just need to put your destination and the dates on which you want to travel, and then this app would do the rest.

The application will even ask about your plans and make suggestions on the basis of your answers.

  • Google Translate

Available Free of Cost

The language barrier requirement would not be a problem with Google’s handy translation app. This app can translate around 103 languages by typing the text in your phone.

From those, 59 can be easily downloaded for access without the Internet connection, and 38 can be converted or translated through pointing the camera of your phone at a dinner menu or street sign.

Inevitably, the camera function does not always give wonderful outcomes; however, it’s good enough to offer you the gist.

  • Kayak

Mobile app developers put their 100% while developing any of the apps, but not every app get the place in users’ Smartphone. Kayak belongs to the category that not only able to get multiple downloads but even received a lot of appreciation from all around the world.

Yes, this is another exceptional mobile app available in the mobile app development sector. It can search hundreds of other travel websites so you don’t have to face any kind of difficulty while booking hotels, the perfect flight, or hiring a car at an affordable price.

Now, you must be thinking that how what process should be followed for a competent Android or iOS app development?  This is why; I have included some tips using which building an impeccable app would become easier for you.

Tips to Develop a Successful Tour & Travel App

  • Consult Expertise to Offer Better Experience

Provide your client a genuine and an exclusive experience that was impossible for them to plan on the internet. It is recommended to ensure the locations, as well as activities you have already utilized to stay fresh.

As there multiple organizations offering similar packages like you, it is important to opt for some advanced tactics, in order to standout from the rest. 

  • Make Your Users the First Priority

Another point you can choose for a great application is that make the customers your priority. You can try arranging VIP access to a restaurant or an event, or behind-the-scenes access.

In case, they are fervent about a specific musician who is going to be performed in nearby proximity to where your customers are preparing their holiday. You can try to amaze them with offstage passes.

With the help of this, you can easily convert their holiday from being memorable to being the best. 

  • Try to Improvise Your Holiday Package

You are required to be versatile from the very first instant you meet up your customer till they go back to their home city. Nevertheless, your capability to flawlessly manage while your clients are already on their respective holiday will add to their experience.

It will even make it obvious that you are personally concerned about the creation, as well as management of their happy experience.

As a matter of fact, the travel industry is frequently shifting; however, it is likely to modify a really thrilling experience by just personalizing your method to your client’s requirements. This is what will bring them back to you instead of going to other organizations.

  • Offer Simple Experience

The last point the app developers should consider is that whether the app is delivering an effortless experience to the users or not.

You always wish your client to get a comfortable experience on top of all. For this, you need to go the extra mile and be prepared for everything that can go incorrect, particularly when they are in transportation.

By checking the details of the flight of your customer, you may be capable to expect a flight delay, which allows you to find an option.

The Upshot

Mobile applications are important for all, whether you have are into healthcare sector or tour & travel business. Therefore, if you want to hire a mobile app development company to build an effective app, make sure you keep all these points in mind.

If you think we have missed any of the important points, then you can let us know in the comment section. Hope this write-up would be useful for you.

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