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How Retail Mobile App Push Notifications can Boost E-Commerce Sales?

Push notifications instantly grab user’s attention, prompting them to take an action. But you must strategise before enabling a push notification feature for a retail business mobile app. Some of the strategies have been discussed here.

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Do you know that push notifications in mobile apps can boost user engagement by 88%? And when the customer interacts in a better way, there are higher chances of conversions. Push notifications ensure enhanced user engagement by delivering relevant content, and that too, in real-time. You can customize them as per your requirements. Here, we have elaborated upon ways to optimize push notifications for your Retail Business Mobile App .

Tell About Product Launch

When you launch a new product, you can convey information via different modes of communication, push notifications being one of them. To initiate the sales of a new product, you need to create awareness amongst buyers. Since the returning customers contribute to the majority of the sales, you must deliver information about the new product launch. The push notification will generate curiosity in the customer, thereby increasing the probability of a conversion.

And, it’s not just about the new product. You can also notify customers when a particular product is back in stock. Most probably, they will visit the retail business mobile app, thereby resulting in increased customer interaction.

Send Personalised Offers

The data analytics allow you to examine customer preferences. Based on the browsing history, customer’s preferences, and previous sales record, you can customize push notifications to deliver personalized content to the customers. For example, if a customer prefers buying apparels of a particular brand, you can send push notifications showcasing new or relevant products of the same brand. Moreover, you can create customized offers like a limited period discount offer to compel customers to check out products on your retail business mobile app.

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You can also ask customers to adjust their preferences when it comes to push notifications. Whether they want a daily or a weekly notification, freedom to opt-in and opt-out at their convenience, and so on; push notifications should not be pushy at all.

Announce Sales

Push notifications can be very effective during the festive season. Once you ping a customer, telling them the date and time of when a sale begins, you will notice a significant boost in traffic to your retail business mobile app. You will witness an additional rise in traffic when you notify them about tempting offers or when a push notification serves as a countdown to the sale.

You can also provide users with the option to create a wishlist so that they don’t waste time checking out products at the last moment when the sale begins. The inventory may run out of products, and users will lose the opportunity to grab the product of their choice at a discounted price. The push notifications can trigger activity in the customers prompting them to take action without any delay.

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Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

According to a survey conducted by Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.89%. Push notifications have been immensely successful in reducing cart abandonment rates when customers shop on retail business mobile apps. The customers add products in the cart, but sometimes they are confused or are busy, and forget to complete the purchase. In this situation, you can ask or notify customers about the pending purchase.

If this doesn’t work, send them a personalized offer like a cashback or a discount or a gift voucher which will compel them to complete the purchase.

Enable Push Notifications in Retail Business Mobile Apps

Push notification is evolving as the most desirable way of communicating with the customers. It ensures efficient customer relationship management, resulting in an increased revenue stream.

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