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5 Ways Mobile Engagements for Retail Can Increase Sales


Brick and mortar stores have to step up their marketing strategies to stay relevant. Mobile engagement solutions help physical stores stay in business and help increase the revenue of the store.

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It is definitely not news that the number of people shopping online has been increasing. But, what does this mean for the future of physical stores? Are they going to become a thing of the past? Well, not necessarily.

The key to survival is a constant adaptation. Stores need to combine the online and offline shopping experience to give the customer exactly what they want. Mobile engagements for retail stores do just this and here is how every store can implement this option.

Offer Competitive Prices

Ask anyone why they choose to shop online and the most common answer you will get is that you get better deals online. And, this is the truth. Since retailers save money on the cost of location and staff, they can pass this onto the customers in the form of price reductions.

But, at the same time, there are certain things that you need to touch and feel or try out to decide whether or not to make the purchase. One of the most common reasons for returns of products bought online is this. The product simply did not meet their expectations in real life.

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Now, think about combining the best of both these worlds using mobile engagement solutions. The customer can visit the physical store and try and feel the products. They can then scan it and search for the price online on the store app. They can either buy it in the store at the price displayed on the app or choose to make the purchase online if the exact specification was out of stock in the store.

Since the customer can get the product for the same price as on the app, it boosts the in-store purchases and increases the number of people visiting the store as well.

Offer Special Deals for Customers in the Store

The store can use geofencing to send special deals to the customers who are in the store. You can send offers that last for a short duration like "Extra 10% off if you buy in the next 30 minutes!" using mobile engagement solutions. These offers force customers to make quick decisions and since no one likes to miss out on deals, your sales will definitely go up.

These offers will only be available for customers in the store at the given point of time and this encourages more people to visit the stores too. You can also use geofencing to broadcast offers to customers who are near the store. So, even if a customer was just passing by your store, a deal popping up on their phone will encourage them to visit your store and this can lead to a sale.

Faster Checkout

The long queue at the checkout counter always puts a dampener on the whole shopping experience. You can allow customers to make a purchase by scanning their code on the app and making the payments online. Mobile engagements for retail improve the customer's shopping experience and also help them save time.

Provide Personalized Experience

When you shop online, you are shown more items based on the product you are looking at. Wouldn't it be great if this could happen in-store as well? When a customer scans an item on the app, you can show them other items in the store that are mostly purchased along with that product or that pair well with the product. The app can also display the location of the suggestions within the store.

This way, the customer doesn't have to search around for the suggestions and knows exactly where to go. This kind of personalized service using mobile engagement solutions ensures that the customers love to shop in your physical store and increases footfall.

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Display Reviews and Other Information

Every online site has a review section that displays the experiences of other users with the product. If this information could be provided to a customer in the retail store, it will help them make an informed decision which they won't end up regretting.

While scanning an item in-store on the app, the app can also display some additional information about the product. When a customer makes an informed decision, they will be happy with their purchase and the chances of returns are reduced.   

Dramatically Increase Your In-Store Sales

A casual visit to the mall on a weekend will tell you that brick and mortar stores are still pretty much in demand and have a strong clientele. Most of these customers end up using the store as their personal trial rooms for making purchases online.

This situation will definitely change with the use of mobile engagement solutions. It gives customers the convenience of shopping online along with the ability to see and try out the products before making a purchase.

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