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Apple Watch: latest features and rules of development

It can increase their business revenue. Let’s find out the latest features of iWatch and some tips to build a perfect Apple Watch.


Technology is boosting in a huge way and impacting each sector drastically. Yes, I am talking about the Apple Watch.

It allows you to perform different tasks right from your wrist. Though expensive, app developers consider this watch fabulous.

However, the question is- will this innovation have any impact on other industries? So, the answer is certainly yes.

With each passing day, technology is getting advanced and wearable gadgets are converting turning into conventional. Hence, marketers are modifications in their marketing tactics, in order to understand the way customers are appealing with Apple Watch and their methods are utilizing it for performing day-to-day activities.

Let’s now discuss some of the latest features of this newest Apple Watch that has been released recently.

  • This is not known as iWatch, rather is popular as Apple Watch.
  • In case, you wish the Apple Watch to perform, then you need to have new iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, or 6. It is significant for an iPhone to be nearby for the Apple Watch to work appropriately.
  • It is available in three different versions i.e. Apple Watch, Apple Edition, and Apple Sport.
  • Apple Watch is the basic edition, which price begins at $350. The series 1 of Apple Watch needs an iPhone 5s or a recent version with iOS 11 or later.
  • There are two sizes in which Apple Sport is available, which is 30% less in weight as compared to Apple Watch.
  • Apple Edition is the uppermost edition of Apple wearable series. This is available in 18-karat gold version, starting with a price at $1299. Moreover, Apple Watch Series 3 needs an iPhone 6 or newer version with iOS 11 or later.
  • All the models contain built-in sensors which will track the running distance, heartbeat rate, along with other heart health parameters.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication), the wireless payment mechanism of Apple has made it simple to do payments via Apple Pay.

Now, those mobile app developers, who are thinking that how to build an effective Apple Watch, these tips and tricks can help them.

Tactics You Must Use While Developing an Apple Watch App

Before starting with the tips, I want to ask you that do you know how revolutionary an Apple Watch App is?  iOS app developers know its importance and that’s why they are always trying hard to figure out the best ways to build a flawless app. Here are a few tips implemented by the top iWatch app developers that assist in gaining that additional niche for developing an app for Apple’s most customized wearable device.

  • Come Up with an Advance App Idea

Prior to revel in the imagination of the monumental achievement, you must primarily systematize your tactic on the basis of types it fits into. Through categorizing your mobile app, you keep a mental footnote for all its practical usage and purposes.

It even assists in efficiently slide up the procedure effectively into the subsequent stage of planning. A few well-known categories that will shorten your app design process are:

  • Productivity Utilities

These solidify the backbone of mobile app categories as well as embody the digital tools, helping people to achieve more each day. All these mobile apps include calendars, schedules, progress trackers, alarms, finance mobile apps, and other utilities that assist you to get ahead of the things.

  • Social Media Utilities

These apps are accountable for building calling and texting quicker, as well as a cleaner on the Apple Watch. Tools for communication are always being updated for enhancing and replacing traditional communication.

  • Go for Health and Fitness Apps

It is the fastest rising category in both i.e. the Apple App and Google Play Store.

Make sure that while brainstorming app ideas the Apple Watch can be utilized as a wearable fitness gadget. This form of technology has gathered huge consideration from the fitness preachers and health freaks as the most accurate exercise companion.

In comparison to other utilities that are available for download, Fitness and Health mobile apps are new and unrefined. Several top-notch iWatch app developers are captivating with the benefit of novel features and committing the resources to generate the most effectual apps during discovering GPS and bio-sensory technology.

  • Keep User Actions Easy

The manner a user communicates with the Watch app ought to be reserved to a proficient minimum. An Apple watch is majorly about the things that would take only a few seconds.

Tracking time by simple selections like a yes-no or start-stop actions matches the wearable format entirely.

The idea of binary actions is really highly recommended by top Apple Watch development companies as it gives the best user experience during the interaction with the watch. Fluper is one of those companies who keep all these points in mind to give the best outcomes.

  • Build a Solid Smartphone App

Mobile app for Apple watch is extremely dissimilar from just transporting a replica of a Smartphone app to the Watch. It is a crucial consideration which numerous developers do not remember that Apple Watch is supposed to be a companion.

Hence, a vast part of development work requires going into creating a Smartphone app, which pairs impeccably with the app.

Wrapping Up

That’s all from my side. In the above write-up, I have discussed some crucial features of iWatch and for those really want to build an amazing Apple watch; I have discussed some essential tactics. In case, your app is performance-intensive and excessively complicated, it is probable to have vanished in oblivion in the App Store.

iOS app development companies should focus on all the above-mentioned points thoroughly. Apps on the Apple Watch are particularly built for lightweight communications to influence the restricted screen real estate, as well as display size during using the watch’s tactical position on the wrist.

Hope all these points will help you in developing the best mobile app. All the best!

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