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A glimpse on how Mobile Apps are bringing revolutionary changes in Smart Transportation & IoT


Nowadays, the digital trend can be seen in the transport sector as well, with the amazing apps developed by best app developers.

Worldwide, the constant advancements in technology have changed the way humans interact with machines and even how machines interact with other machines. After the swing from desktop websites to mobile apps, now there is a time when mobile apps are also undergoing a transformation.

Several mobile app development companies are pouring a high amount of money into several industries in order to make tasks easier for customers. But, in a very short span of time, the technology which has grabbed many attention of the companies as well as is Internet of Things.

Yes, you may be aware about of it! But, did you know IoT now plays a huge role in the transportation sector as well?

Today, I am going to make you aware of the impact of IoT on smart transportation and how big as well as small companies are investing a lot of money in order to grow their business.

How IoT is evolving?

IoT is becoming ever more popular because of its easiness and the convenience it can offer. This means that there is a successive demand in apps for such devices and includes monitoring systems for SMBs and enterprises, navigation, computing, and so much more.

Now, the impact of IoT can be better seen in the mobile app development. Many app developers are in a wait-and-see form in order to understand the real scope of IoT on app development.

Slowly but steadily mobile app developers are embracing the IoT trend.

One of the best examples of integration of mobile apps with IoT is in home automation systems in what we call “Smart Homes”. Here all main systems in a house like security, air conditioning, lighting, heating, and even cooking devices are intelligent which means, they are programmed to receive instructions from the users in the house and behave accordingly.

It is by far one of the best concepts loved by users.

Moreover, the transportation industry is the second-largest segment investing in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The world is becoming smarter day by day and so the transport industry.

Several countries around the world are using IoT expertise to reduce vehicle congestion, optimize public transit routes, increase safety, and facilitate faster response from emergency responders and roadway maintenance crews. This blog will give you a clear overview of IoT’s role in our everyday live- including our transportation networks.

Here’s what IoT will do for transportation

  • Connected Cars today
  • Automobiles as Sensor
  • Connected Infrastructure
  • Safety and Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is noticeably accelerating the pace of innovation in the transportation industry, especially the cars and trucks we drive every day.  Whenever we talk about smart transportation, the role of mobile apps is a must! You may consider navigation apps that automatically redirect you to avoid traffic, or smart cars that can tell you when you need air in your tires.

Isn’t it amazing?

With the time, the transport industry has gone smarter and with the advent of some amazing apps, the app development companies have given a lot to the transport sector.

Here, I am presenting a few examples of how companies are already using it:

  • Less Personal Vehicle Usage

With the advent of Mobility as a service (MaaS), the popularity of ride-sharing devices has grown significantly. As per the recent statistics, almost 25% of Americans used a ridesharing app developed by best app developers and that number is constantly expected to remain same in the future as well.

The number for Uber and Ola users is steadily rising, which largely contributes to the less personal vehicle usage. The IoT makes flawless ordering and pickup easier, MaaS can be expected to expand to different modes of transportation, from bike-shares to mass transit and everything.

  • Geo-fencing

Internet of things in the transportation sector is highly benefitted from geo-fencing feature, which is an advanced form of GPS. It captures the location of an asset or device with the coordinates of a particular area.

Geo-fencing helps in starting the automated tasks. Moreover, it allows users to receive alerts when a driver deviates from the approved path, as it can bring delay in delivery time and cause accidental loss.

  • Traffic Management

Smart vehicles are the present, but smart roads are the future of smart transportation! Yes, scientists are already working on building sensors into roadways and bridges. This will clearly tell which roads are used most frequently, so they can receive priority maintenance and repairs.

Also, it will reduce the number of accidents via the use of real-time traffic monitoring.

In the present time, companies are already using IoT technologies to employ features such as frictionless toll and parking payments, and Android and iOS mobile applications based on IoT can help you discover an available parking spot near your destination.

Final Words

From the above points mentioned, it is now a major fact that The IoT in smart transportation has rapidly changed the trucking industry with the help of mobile and connectivity advancements. So, if you are the one who also wants to take a bite of IoT trend, then you must create an IoT based app.

From navigation to safety, to plain old convenience, if you have an idea for an app that will help improve the industry, you can hire best app developers from Fluper.

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