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How to protect your website from WordPress security issues?

Wordpress is being used voraciously all around the globe but you should also adopt security measures to keep your website safe and sound.


In this digital era of technology, everyone is aiming at mobile app development and Wordpress is considered as one of the most popular web content platforms. According to a report, approx 30% of websites are powered by Wordpress. On the other hand, WordPress websites are more vulnerable to hackers as there exist a lot of Wordpress security issues.

Who can attack WordPress site?

Humans – This is a person that is sitting at a keyboard attacking a website.

Single Bot – This is a single automated program that hackers used to attack various sites in an automated way.

Botnet – This is a group of machines running programs that are coordinated from a central “command and control server” that attack many sites in an automated way.

Why are they attacking WordPress sites?

The main goal of the attacker is to gain control of your website at an administrative level. In other words, they can read all files and data in the database on your website. Hackers not only fooled up app developers but also modify files, make changes to the database as well as change the way your website behaves.

To send spam

Hackers can run the script on your website and send spam email from your website.

To host malicious content 

Hackers may use your website to host content like illegal drug sales or other spam content.

To steal website data

Hackers can steal thousands of mail addresses of your website members’ providers and then they can use them for different malicious activities.

Check out these ways to protect your website from Wordpress security issues –

Don’t ignore Wordpress Updates

To find security flaws in website, no doubt in saying that WordPress Development team works hard and then corrects them. After that, changes that take place are delivered to users in regular core version updates. Core version updates are not the only thing that you should keep in mind but you should also update Wordpress plug-in and themes. In a report, it is predicted that 63% of reported Wordpress security issues are caused by incompatible plug-in and themes and on the other hand, 37% are caused due to missing core files.

Use a Secure Web Host

The web host that you have chosen can affect your Wordpress website security. In fact, hackers can also hack your website by going through other less secure websites on the shared server. In order to resolve Wordpress security issues, you need to opt for managed Wordpress hosting.  There exist various web hosts that will update and backup your website automatically.

Rename your Wordpress Login Page

If you want to protect yourself then it is always a good idea to rename your Wordpress login page. Don’t worry if you are not an app developer as you can use “Rename wp-login.php plug-in”. This is an effective method as your website only allows few administrator accounts. If your Wordpress website has high number of users then you should make admins and use different login pages.

Keep your password strong

Generally, it is seen hackers use programs to manually enter ID & password until they guess right. The method is time-consuming as well as imprecise.  On the other hand, if you have a strong password then hackers can’t make any harm. But if you have a weak password then hackers can hack your website within few minutes. So, it is recommended by experts to strengthen the password by making it longer. Besides this, you can also consult the Android app development company to secure your website.

Try Wordpress Security Plug-in

Although Wordpress does a good job of protecting itself but besides this you can increase the level of protection by installing security plug-in.  These plug-in are responsible for handling various tasks such as scanning, adding firewalls, tracking logins, blocking threats etc.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor authentications require users to confirm their identity as this is one of the important step. This usually means that you have to use SMS, phone number, authenticator apps, and push-based notifications. If you are using two factor authentications then you can easily get back into your website as you have one of your devices. You need to careful about SMS because a hacker can gain access to your website if they get access to your phone.

Maintain regular Wordpress Backups

In a report, it is predicted that Google purges around 70, 000 websites for phishing and malware. Well, hackers can hack your website so it is advised that you have a backup plan.  There exists various Wordpress plug-in such as Vault press through which you can create backups for a specified time period. Some Wordpress plug-in come with additional security features that have ability to scan your website for malware.

Final Thoughts

It is often seen that various users don’t setup WordPress Security tools as they consider it as a hassle. But it is recommended by experts not to ignore this process as 73% of the most popular websites are vulnerable to attack. Fluper is the best Android & iOS app development company that provides a wide range of services in mobile space:  developing iOS apps, Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps, native mobile apps and much more.

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