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Now say Yes to Mobile Inspection Apps!

Have you heard about inspection mobile apps? Do you know why these applications are getting attention from the associated industry? Find out what changes they can bring out to make your business easier.

Mobile phones, as well as telecommunication services, are getting popular day-by-day.  Yes, you heard it absolutely right; both are getting superior gradually to meet the current requirements of users. One of the key reasons behind such reason behind such demand of Smartphones and apps is their ability to transform businesses. From ordering food at home, hailing taxis, to making payments, everything is now done by using mobile applications.

No matter how big or small your business is, a mobile app is essential to sustain in this competitive world. In fact, these apps play a major role in maximizing your business productivity and efficiency. Field inspection and data collection companies are also putting their best efforts to beat their competitors. They want to get to rid of paper-based data collection and want to adopt mobile data collection. This is why mobile app development companies are flourishing by leaps and bounds.

Now, when apps have become a crucial part of every business, today, I am going to talk about the impact of mobile applications in the inspection industry. However, before that, I would like to put some light on mobile app usage.

Facts and Figures

As we know, mobile applications are generally available via app stores, which are regulated by the mobile operating system’s owners. By the end of 2020, applications are predicted to earn 189 billion U.S. dollar in revenues through in-app advertising and app stores. Two of the quite famous OS-native stores include Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The number of mobile applications available in these stores is going to increase because of their so much demand.

Benefits of Inspection Mobile Apps

If I talk about the advantages of inspections applications, then there are many. Some of them are:

  • Advance Performance: Tracking performance, productivity levels, and quality of work are generally tough to track. By opting for KPIs gathered mobile data collection apps, it is feasible to regulate the performance of the staff involved the process.
  • Save your Time: Gathering data with the help of paper-based forms is, without any doubt, a monotonous process. This is because data entry into the database is a long and time taking process. Moreover, it can even result in some errors. As a result, mobile field data collection will surely save a huge amount of time.
  • Enhance Data Quality: Mobile applications are capable of preventing errors caused by field inspectors, as well as surveyors. The probability of human errors is lessened by eliminating the requirement of data entry procedure. Faults in the survey forms can be easily detected before and apps can be upgraded on the fly.
  • Ensure Data Security: As we all know that paper forms are tend to damage because of negligence. It can be avoided with the help of using mobile data collection applications that will all together upload the data to replicated servers.
  • Real-Time Data Analysis: App developers build data collection apps that can upload the data instantly so that it can be utilized by the business leaders to create live reports, as well as boost decision-making abilities.
  • Better Compliance: By using the data collection software, it is possible to check some predefined methods in an easy manner. This allows the field inspector to check or find out any non-compliance measures.
  • Result in Cost Reduction: Conducting paper-based surveys via manual method incurs extra costs related to printing, data entry into databases, and transportation. However, mobile data collection processes will make sure lower costs bringing monetary benefits for your business.
  • Technical Training: Training the field staff, as well as giving them with an updated documentation is the key factor behind adding the cost when utilizing paper-based data gathering. Here, mobile apps can offer the field technicians with quick and automated training tricks and tips, in order to assist them to do their job accurately.
  • Security and Emergency: The last benefit I would like to add is one of the crucial ones. It is not feasible to track the employees’ conditions on the field, in case of an emergency, such as a downed power line, collapsed mine or gas lead. Ultimately, it becomes hard to lend instant support. By a mobile app, managers can see the updated location of employees and check their latest activities.

Apart from the advantage, there are some challenges preventing this technology to flourish.

Challenges Associated

  • Cost of Building Apps: The primary investment in building the apps is generally an impediment for startups. Moreover, these applications required to be managed and updated. Therefore, it is quite important to hire the best Android or iOS developers. This can be expensive for small businesses.
  • Internet Availability: Few rural areas may do not have required internet connectivity. In order to reach such areas, the mobile application should be able to gather data in an offline mode that can be uploaded later i.e. after internet restoration.

The Upshot

From the above discussion, we came to know that mobile applications can actually bring groundbreaking revolution in the inspection areas. Therefore, if you are thinking to develop any such application, then it is suggested to contact Fluper. This organization is capable of giving you the perfect solutions when it comes to mobile app development.

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