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Why choosing Cross-Platform Mobile App Development is a good decision in 2019?

Want to grow your business and take it to the next level? The cross-platform application would be a perfect choice for you. Do you know why?

Every business has a different vision and purpose and to expand it globally they go for different tactics. One of the best ways to enhance brand visibility is to build your own mobile app. Yes, by developing an impeccable mobile app, you can reach to millions of users easily.

While building applications for iOS, as well as Android, is advisable for high-quality performance.

However, it is not possible to address every user with a similar minimal coding attempt. Cross-platform apps help you in such situations.

Not every development procedure is entirely free of dangers. While frameworks and libraries are doing their best, in order to bridge the distance between native and hybrid app development, huge efforts should be done for a perfect app. Today, I have come up with the answer that why choosing Cross-Platform mobile app development is a good decision for you. So, let’s begin without any further delay.

Why Cross-Platform when You Can Opt for Native?

Do Less Coding: Rather than paying of diverse technologies and utilities for hybrid and native app development, developers simply need a particular set of libraries and tools and as a one-time charge for the cross-platform app to the function.

Devote Less Time: By using simple coding, a huge amount of time can be saved. If different coding is done separately on multiple platforms, it will surely take much time. In addition, when one is searching for a quicker launch, cross-platform applications are surely a manner to go.

Simple to Update: Hybrid applications are easy to update as compared to native ones. By using utilities, such as PhoneGap and Appcelerator, going across different platforms, in order to make the modifications become easy. The code can be assembled in HTML5 and later can be easily converted to be utilized over multiple platforms. This makes the synching of updates effortless and even keeps the entire development process quicker. Moreover, cross-platforms are both iOS and Android, these have a broader audience reach.

Reuse the Code: Cross-platform app development is in demand because of the feasibility of code reuse. Would you like to spend time, as well as efforts once again in coding for different platforms when it is possible to utilize a similar code? No right? App developers don’t replicate the identical code all around the platforms. They just have to put one code set that can be later used for building apps across multiple platforms. This assists in saving a huge amount of time and efforts.  Moreover, the possibilities of mistakes are lessened as less code easily suffices the intention.

Consistent App Experience: Users generally want an experience and look for one application to work in a parallel manner regardless of the devices’ number they change. This consistency that comes through cross-platform mobile apps is the main advantage of them.

Some Popular Cross-Platform App Development Tools

  • PhoneGap

This open-source utility is consists of a debugger, compiler, and testing utilities woven via well-recognized web technologies, including JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. The myth that PhoneGap is only appropriate for designing simple applications, and they make slight use of the abilities of devices has been demystified recently.


  1. Web technologies, such as JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 are at the center of PhoneGap. Therefore, app developers can utilize their existing skills.
  2. Code reusability across Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, BlackBerry, allows developers, as well as businesses to lessen the Time-to-Market.
  3. It contains a plugin-able architecture, which assists developers to generate featured apps by using device’s capabilities via APIs.
  4. It is compatible with in-app purchases through the Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS, and more.


  1. Performance problem might occur via graphic-intensive applications. 
  • Appcelerator 

Cross-platform developers use this utility, in order to build, test, and ultimately determine the functionality of the application that is built. Appcelerator favors JavaScript programming.


  1. It is appropriate for quick app development. The prototype of the application can be built in a fast and simple manner to check the interaction of users with the UI.
  2. It consists of a schema-less data store known as ArrowDB. It allows you to deploy data models by using zero setup efforts.
  3. It is equipped via pre-built connectors that are available for MongoDB, MS Azure, Salesforce, MS SQL, and various others


  1. Appcelerator is a bit buggy and laggy, although the recent versions are more stable.
  2. There complaints about poor support from its developer community.    


  • Xamarin

In Xamarin, it is possible to apply a C# codebase to numerous platforms. Nevertheless, contrasting to other frameworks, it enables developers to work with native IDEs, APIs, and languages.


  1. Xamarin brings forth some sample applications to assist you to get started in a rapid and simple manner.
  2. It supports functionality quality monitoring, as well as testing across an extensive range of gadgets. Xamarin has an Android emulator.


  1. Prevailing compatibility problems with open-source libraries for both iOS and Android is a huge obstacle in developing a full-fledged app.


Hope all your confusion has been resolved about cross-platform apps. Android and iOS app developers across the world attempt to offer the best to their clients. However, not everyone is capable of doing so. Fluper, a leading mobile app development company, can assist you in such situations by giving incredible mobile apps.

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