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How Enterprise Mobile App development is changing business needs?

Enterprise applications are growing significantly to serve different business niches. As a result, enterprise app development is important for modern-day businesses.

In this fast-growing mobile phone industry, we are going to witness major changes in the enterprise mobile app development. The main credit of these advancements directly goes to the hybrid cloud, container infrastructure, DevOps and Blockchain. Enterprise app development is evolving to become more agile where IT works to build applications incorporating the user’s needs.

Just have a look into the changes that have to arise in enterprise mobile app dev space -

Evolution of Blockchain in Enterprises

In future, Blockchain is going to make the massive paradigm shift in technology because businesses are looking for various security features in internal structure rather than on built-in security features.

With the growing demand for Blockchain, companies are investing in this field and its outcomes will be displayed in the future. According to the IDC report, it is expected that the total investment in Blockchain is expected to raise $9.2 billion by the end of the year 2021.

Big Data

In present times, enterprises are integrating the latest technologies like Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things to deliver world-class solutions. In fact, mobile app developers are focusing on cross-platform mobile development to develop such applications that can be used by different mobile platforms. There is no doubt in saying that in the upcoming time, we will see the new level of personalization of applications as app developers are putting their best efforts to bring major changes.

Mobile App is the foundation of IoT

In the past 5 years, no one can deny the fact that mobile apps have grown exponentially. In fact, mobile applications are enhancing the lives of people and acting as a source for Android app development companies to develop smarter devices. In other words, we can say that mobile applications have become the main element in the rise of IoT. One of the best examples is the integration of mobile app for a WiFi enabled thermostat in which mobile app serves as the remote control of the thermostat.


Nowadays, Android app development companies are focusing on developing new ways so that users can experience a different way of business, shopping, and communication. Not only that, mobile app developers can create interactive learning platforms for several disciplines. Mobile applications are going to change the way of enterprise teleconferences. In this way, customers’ virtual experience of products and services is also improving.

Diversification of Public Cloud Panorama

Presently, enterprises are using multi-cloud or hybrid cloud to reduce the risk of losing data that is saved on only one platform.  The best thing about using the hybrid cloud is that it provides lock-in functionality that makes data safer. On the other hand, there also exist various challenges. Such as, it is extremely difficult to maintain different cloud that is running at the same time. So, it is the responsibility of app developers to manage data dynamically by opting for various non-open source solutions.

The growth of PaaS platform                     

Mobile application development is taking PaaS as the new platform to speed up the development of mobile applications. There are several firms that are taking up cloud PaaS products from Google, and Amazon Web Services to manage cloud applications. The use of PaaS has helped various companies in improving their mobile app development capacities as well as in minimizing the budget. PaaS is allowing mobile app developers to customize their applications so that they can produce better applications and save additional costs.

Challenges in Enterprise Mobile App Development


Security is the biggest challenge in the field of mobile app development world. As BYOD is gaining attention, it is extremely necessary to ensure security. If your device crashes then you have to face repercussions. If you have no provision of security then there are chances that your data get leaked.


To make informed decisions, decision makers need data as they better know what is happening and what will affect their decisions. Currently, accessibility is a major challenge for all kinds of enterprises. Because of that, they face problems in making well-versed decisions.

Strong Networks

If you have reliable and robust network backing then only enterprise mobility gives you stronghold. It is extremely important to consider network solution so that you don’t experience any downtime. At the time of planning network, you need to consider current and future requirements of the enterprise. Scalability is the only key that when designing the networks for enterprise mobility solution.

Shortage of skills

In the IT industry, it is very difficult to find the right skills that will perfectly match your needs. When you are ready to offer enterprise mobility solution, you need to have the right skills in your team that properly take care of cyberspace.


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