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What You Will See After E-Commerce and M-Commerce? Is it Voice Commerce?

In today’s digital world, people are growing with technology everyday and expecting a lot. The next revolution is already around the corner, as technology is showing no sign of slowing down.

Gone are the days when customers choose to shop online. There was a time when people were crazy about E-commerce, because of the ease and convenience it offers.

It is a mature fact that, in today’s digital age, online shopping brands replaced offline shopping to the greatest extent. Every day, people purchase products from online stores.

In fact, the latest trends in the technology have made e-commerce solutions industries grow faster. One of the latest trends that changed the world of e-commerce is m-commerce.

This trend has even given multiple opportunities to the mobile app developers across the world. M-commerce has rapidly grown and made its mark worldwide.

While many companies are gaining huge benefits with E-commerce and M-commerce, the next revolution is already around the corner! I am sure that you may be wandering what you will see after e-commerce and M-commerce? The answer is here!

Since the development of the Internet, the role of technology in the online retail industry has been massive. With some amazing apps delivered by top mobile app development companies, the customers love their shopping experience.

This is not the end yet! The future holds a lot more exciting. With the appearance of IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, we are entering the era of smart things.

Now, you can see a smart car, smart home, smart watches and more. However, what’s next?

When the majority of people think about being connected, they usually think of tablets, PC and smartphones. But, do you ever thought about voice commerce and connected device, especially in the world of e-commerce? One of the most recent developments in E-Commerce is Voice Commerce, a unique technology that both Amazon and Google are both investing in.

Amazon has invested in its device dubbed named as Echo while Google has come out with Google Home.

We will pour more light on this further, but before that, it is necessary to know how the technologies will change the way, we shop in the coming years!

How Technologies Changing the Way of Shopping

Shop Anywhere Anytime

We are already able to shop from almost anywhere, and the credit goes to our smartphones, but wearable devices like smartwatches could make this even easier. Just imagine, with a single tap on your wrist, wearables devices are providing superior experience of shop.

It will also unlock a new range of possibilities for marketing.

Ease of Payment

With biometric authentication technologies such as facial scanning, voice recognition, fingerprint authentication and even finger vein technology, new and exciting methods of customer authentication are now available. Now, companies are providing 100% secured transaction facility to the customers without any loss.

Best Smart Home Experience

With technologies like Alexa and Google Home, it’s now possible to automate household tasks simply by speaking to a device and giving vocal commands. This will radically change the way people shop.

For example, you can simply tell Alexa what items to add to the basket before instructing it to make the purchase.

Now, coming to the point! I was talking about Voice-Commerce. A fact that cannot be denied is that Artificial Intelligence has made voice search features a boon to both users and several android & iOS app developers.

Today, many E-commerce companies are offering the voice search aspect to customers. Due to this, technology is completely disrupting and impacting several online spheres including both E- Commerce Web Development and mobile app development markets.

Here’s How Voice Commerce is Evolving

Individuals are rapidly adopting voice technology, which means that more people will use smart speakers to find products online, shop online, and purchase online. Considering this, it is expected that by 2020, there will be 76.5 million people in the United States using smart speakers for E-Commerce alone.

Not only that, voice shopping is expected to jump up from its current $2 billion market share to $40 billion by 2022.

  • In the future, customers will begin comparing, returning, and exchanging products as well as keeping track of their orders through voice operating devices.
  • Voice technology will become more nuanced as user intent becomes clearer and the search engines use relevant results.
  • Voice technology will become more of a sales channel for E-Commerce and M-Commerce websites and applications and not just be a method in which people use to shop online.
  • It will open up new opportunities for E-Commerce and M-Commerce companies in advertising and investments.
  • More automation on repeat customers will be seen. As voice commerce becomes widely adopted, more individuals will be keen to make voice-activated purchases on repeat products.

Summing it Up

Although voice commerce is still rather of a nascent opportunity, it’s already has a powerful influence on consumer behavior. In this blog, it is clear that it will make shopping experiences even more frictionless for the consumer.

In fact, android and iOS app development companies will also gain many benefits through this. If you want an app based on such amazing features, then its time to Hire Fluper now!

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