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Discover the Top iOS Development Trends for 2019

So what are the hot trends for iOS developers in 2019? We’ve surveyed the market and identified five trends that we expect to grow even bigger in 2019 in the world of iPhone app development.


But before we get to the hot mobile app development trends, let’s take a quick look at some of the positives and negatives currently associated with native iOS apps.

Here are a few of the pros of Native iOS Apps:

API Access

With Native iOS Apps, all of the APIs and the functionality that the platform offers can be accessed through a native mobile app development environment. No extra mapping layer is required over the functionality that will need to be updated. There are also no restrictions or dependencies other than those of the native environment.

 Third-party libraries

The Native iOS App community is large and offers a variety of third parties for developers to choose from. The iPhone app development community is known for offering numerous resources that can improve the application and the development process.


With Native iOS Apps, developers acquire a deep understanding of the iPhone app development environment, which includes the platform and underlying architecture. This knowledge can lead to better quality, improved performance and greater ease of use of the app.


Over the long run, staying in the native mobile app development environment can help ensure that the platform will be updated and taken care of. For other platforms, it may be a case of here today and gone tomorrow which can render your iOS app obsolete.

Strict language

iOS native languages are strict languages, which makes it is easier to find and fix hidden errors. Strict languages are also easier to learn.

Now here are a few cons of Native iOS Apps:


Native iOS apps must be downloaded from an app store – such as the Apple App Store. This downloading process requires a lot steps (as many as 5 or 6) and experts say that at each step 20% of potential users are lost.


Programming Native iOS Apps can be complicated. Adding to the development expense is the fact that developers who code in this language are scarce. Native iOS iPhone app development requires more labor, which adds to the time and cost of development. Also, the more a native app costs to develop, the higher the maintenance costs will be, too.


When fixing a bug or making an update to a Native iOS App the new version of the app must be posted to the app store. You must then hope that users update their apps to the new version. If they don’t, you may lose users due to the unfixed glitch.

OK, now that we are familiar with some of the positives and negatives of iOS apps, lets now take a look at what is happening in iOS mobile app development.

Trend #1 – Swift 4 is Becoming More Popular

Swift is a programming language that was developed by Apple itself and that offers support to both iOS and Linux operating systems. This language can also be pre-compiled for macOS and tvOS.

Most developers consider Swift to be a powerful programming language that is easy to learn and that offers excellent scalability and robust security.

Trend #2 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Advancing

When Apple introduced its personal assistant Siri it was a real game changer and the game is continuing to change from there. Now Sirikit is making it easy for developers in the iPhone app development market to enable iOS and watchOS apps to work with Siri just using voice. Sirikit offers many benefits including hands-free use and lock screen access.

And that’s not all. Siri Shortcuts will intelligently suggest shortcuts for actions you may want to perform using an app. This allows developers to better determine what actions users will want to take in the future. Developers can also now run shortcuts by voice.

Trend #3 – Machine Learning is Advancing

Apple is a leader in leveraging machine learning in their chips. The company’s core processor, the 7-nanometer A12 Bionic, includes machine learning that will allow it to perform such tasks as Face ID as well as take better photos and even recognize unhealthy heartbeat patterns.

In fact, one man just recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America TV Show explaining how this machine learning has saved his life by detecting an unhealthy heartbeat pattern.

Apple has also launched a framework called Core Machine Learning 2 (Corel 2) that enables the creation of higher performance and better responsive applications compared to what is possible with general iOS apps. This framework is sure to grow in popularity in 2019.

Trend #4 – AR/VR and 3D Are Being Used More

Apple has improved its ARKit2, which is the next generation of augmented reality app development platform that is present in the 12 iOS edition.

The improvements include better face tracking, object measuring ability, and support for 3D art detection.

These improvements will allow users to create AR art that can be viewed later in the same place by someone else. They will also allow iOS developers to build multiplayer games and simulations that were not possible before.

Trend #5 – IoT is Growing Rapidly

Apple has introduced a highly secure IoT ecosystem called HomeKit. This system is sure to unlock numerous opportunities for developers in 2019. Already, HomeKit apps enable users to communicate with and control home automation accessories. Users can also group devices together and manage them with the help of Siri.

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