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Trends of Augmented Reality Advertising in print media industry

Print media is highly effective as it allows retailers to connect with the customer and broadcast their messages out to the public. Print media such as the Yellow Pages, flyers, catalogs, and email became the method of choice to reach customers.

After the arrival of the advance technology Augmented reality, businesses discovered an innovative way to approach the user and clients. Now brands introduce their business statement using Augmented Reality Apps for print media.

The AR app allows users to scan the relevant content related to the brands. Therefore, AR helps the users to experience the virtual form of the Advertisement of the brands and its services.

With time AR technology is getting more accessible and that is the reason why every third business is integrating into their Advertisement strategies.

With the help of AR for the print campaign, it is once again at the forefront of marketing. Businesses are creating a buzz with AR technology that makes shopping even more fun, engaging, and exciting. It also means bigger sales for businesses that help them to master a printed project that involves AR.

How to use augmented reality in advertising to Drive Print media

To enhance the customer experience and engagement brands are trying to launch AR Apps to advertise their services. AR solution in print media allows consumers to view the 3D design of the product with dynamic color and texture.

By integrating AR technology businesses allow users to scan specially-marked print ads to begin interacting with the hologram-style content via mobile device.

These AR solutions offer users a memorable experience. This attracts the users to experience the solution more, that indirectly boosts the sales of the businesses.

Thereby, an augmented reality application transforms your company’s visual identity. By adding a visual layer and add a game element, it is possible to launch an augmented reality campaign with an immersive experience.

AR Apps for print media will attract all the attention of customers. As a result, it can make your businesses solutions look mind-boggling and more appealing than ever before.

Trends of Augmented Reality Advertising Apps for Print Media.

  1. Augmented Reality Campaign for Packaging


Augmented reality opened new doors for the marketers to create an effective impact on the customers. It acts as a supplement to traditional marketing strategies to engage with your potential customers. Augmented Reality in Advertising is helping the packaging industry to promote the product on a more personal emotional level of the user.  It is helping the users to understand the businesses which make the AR App for packaging more personalized.

With Augmented Reality Advertising Campaigns, the customers will see digital information overlaid over your company’s products. It usually includes animated 3D-images or videos, makes customers feel, thinks, and take the decision.

2. AR Advertisement with Immersive Screens

Augmented reality offers an immersive outlook to the brand that raises brand awareness among the users. Those users who want to know more about the product can visualize the AR advertisement App of the particular brand. It inserts the reality into the static images that stimulate the users to utilize the experience.

Theses immersive screen used for a print media and marketing campaign that increases the chance of a product to reach the selected target. Therefore, by implementing augmented reality the customers see themselves surrounded by virtual creatures that they experience with real emotions.

3. Augmented reality in print media


Take visual content into another dimension with the integration of the AR in print media. 3D models, images, videos can bring new opportunities as AR app in Print Media bring any page of brand printed media to life. Magazines, pamphlets, flyers added with augmented reality that boost the marketing campaign with an immersive experience.

3D modelers used by big brands create the AR content for this augmented reality application so that users can readers and see things all together. Simple and dynamic 3D animation used to build the AR application act as the sophisticated App for brand marketing.

Bottom line

Up till now, it’s clear that augmented reality for Print Media can add another dimension to your brand campaign Augmented Reality in Print Advertisement add value to businesses printed media. Therefore, with time AR is becoming more accessible and users are getting more aware of the AR concept. Thus, augmented reality for advertising market allows creating strong links between print, digital and the real world.

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