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Why do you need an App to survive?

Apps have become the core requirements of our day-to-day life. You cannot even imagine a single day without your app. Do you want to know how the app can bring a difference in your life? Then, you are going to know some amazing facts in this write-up.


In the current scenario, everyone is on the move. This means they are utilizing mobile app platforms, in order to get there.

No matter, what they actually use, such as Smartphones, tablets, or any other mobile devices, they have all the required information with them. This is the key reason why mobile applications have become a necessity now.

Regardless of your business, if you want to retain your customers for a long time, then all you need is a perfect mobile app. We all are familiar with that the primary place users go to hunt for a service or product is online.

In case, your industry is accessible online, and you have a mobile app that users can download to their devices, it is easy for you to make your business a superior impression. Because of all these reasons, mobile app development companies are flourishing all across the globe across the world.

In this write-up, I am going to share the key reasons why we cannot survive without an app. However, before that, I would like to put some light on the increasing usage of these applications.

A Detailed Mobile Usage Report

  • As per the, 61.2 percent of the worldwide mobile phone population uses the internet via their Smartphone in 2018.
  • The users devote on standard 69 percent of the media time on their mobile phones, as per the comScore report.
  • Also, 50 percent of the media time users devote on mobile apps, as per the comScore report.
  • Mobile devices are predicted to drive approximately 80% of the global internet usage according to
  • 91 percent of the Smartphone owners opt for their mobile phones or smartphones for notions in the middle of a work
  • 65 percent of users say that they have faith in the relevant mobile source while using a mobile phone for research.

Why your Business Need an App?

  • Direct Communication with Geo-Targeting Marketing

Mobile apps have confirmed to be rapid and efficient in attracting customer interest, as well as communicate product launches, enhanced features, promotional offers, new services, and low-cost rates.

These straight communications also fetch precious information like geographical locations, demographics, and shopping performance with respect to your services, as well as products, assisting you to comprehend the market need and improve your sales & marketing tactics.

  • Amplified Recognition for Customer Loyalty

Formulating customer loyalty is a vital and complicated facet of business marketing. Mobile apps assist to make this road flawless through by building a connection between the brand and the customer with steady reminders, as well as notifications.

All these reminders make responsiveness about the services and products that are offered by you and encourage the customers to do the purchase.

Additional, it also boosts brand gratitude. Therefore, at the time an app-users needs a service or product given by your business in the future, possibilities are the user will pick the now-familiar mobile app over its competitors.

  • Brand Recognition with Perfect Advertising

If I talk about the advertising, there are a lot of occurrences that it is tough to get your enterprise to stand out. Outdoor hoardings, social media marketing, newspaper ads, flashy sign boards, every other trade is doing it.

The exclusivity needed to craft a brand is much lacking.

However, similar advertisements at the time united with a mobile app, which is crucial to boost user engagement, can do wonder to improve your brand faithfulness.

Why You Need an App?

Not, only businesses, even users can also take multiple advantages with this mobile application. It would not be wrong to say, that mobile apps have made us so much dependent on technology.

From the time we wake till we go to bed, everything is done via these apps. It is impossible to think of our life without these apps.

A few noteworthy benefits are:

  • To Do Online Shopping: Online shopping is in trend nowadays, be it food, vegetables, clothes, or furniture, everything can be easily bought with the help of a mobile application.
  • To Stay Connected: In this fast-paced world, we don’t have much time to meet our relatives or friends. Mobile apps have the ability to accomplish this task easily as they help us to stay connected.
  • To Do Household Chores: The usage of apps is not limited but quite vast. Booking a doctor, a movie ticket, or anything important is a matter of few clicks with an app.

The Bottom Line

I hope all the points I have mentioned above made the importance of an app absolutely clear to you. If you have an app idea that you are planning to implement for a long, then Fluper can make your journey simple and hassle-free. 

If you want to know more, then go to their official website or contact the team.

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