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Top Progressive Web App examples that enterprises can learn from

A progressive web applicationis designed similar to browser tabs but with the same feel as a mobile application. It is a marriage of worlds of the web and of mobile applications.

A progressive web application developeruses the expertise of web development and applies it to traditional mobile applications.Progressive web app developers begin with writing on Angular or React and then make it compatible with the hardware of Android or Windows devices such that they feel is native. A lot of entrepreneurs today are considering going into progressive web app development.


Here is a list of the top ten progressive web apps that enterprises can learn from before going into the business themselves.

1. Twitter Lite

Twitter is definitely an app that a developer should look to when they want to generate high user engagement.

Twitter is a social news sharing app and created their progressive web applicationswhen they realised that more than two-thirds of their users’ access twitter on a mobile device. They are today the fastest and most cost effective PWA out there. They have an incredible user engagement with upwards of ten million push notifications in a single day.  ThePWA is today the cheapest way for users to access twitter. Compared to the native counterpart of the application, the PWA requires less then three percent of the storage space. Progressive web application development also takes the least amount of time as compared to other forms of mobile apps and Twitter has definitely capitalised on this.

2. Ali Express

Apart from high user engagement, one of the key features of a PWA is that it eliminates the process of installation. Ali Express is the retail counterpart of the Chinese company Alibaba. Initially, it had introduced a native version of the application for iOS and android. However, it experienced extremely poor user engagement as people were reluctant to specifically go to the app store and install this application when they could simply access the website. After this initial failure, Ali Express decided to invest in PWA development. Their user engagement grew exponentially on the new application and a lot more people used the PWA since there was no process of installation involved. Having dabbled in both the native application and later getting an app developer on board, Ali Express is a great example for enterprises that are confused between the two.


Trivago is a hotel search engine and the self-proclaimed provider of best hotels at best prices around the world. This is another example of using an app developer to generate better user engagement. A lot of people may also use this app in last minute situations where they need to find a hotel. In such cases connectivity may also be an issue. The great thing about aPWA is that it is designed for use with low connectivity and is cached offline so that the flow of the application is not interrupted due to a loss in network connection.

4. Flipkart Lite

Flipkart is an online retail company and Flipkart Lite is another PWA with a native counterpart that does not have great user engagement. They have seen their user engagement grow exponentially with progressive web application development and have the option of keeping the PWA icon on the home screen without having to actually install it which has increased its trafficconsiderably.

5. Washington Post

With a news website like Washington Post, a low friction reading experience is of paramount importance. Through service workers they are able to cache third party content and cope with the simultaneous content downloading without interrupting the user experience. The entire appeal of a news application is to receive the latest news instantly and progressive web app development has allowed Washington Post to provide this to its users.

6. Forbes News and General Interest

Similar to Washington Post, Forbes too needed to hire an app developer to create an application that would enhance user engagement. Through push notifications, they are able to keep users up to date and that also brings more users to the application itself which does not require installation.

7. Starbucks Coffee

Minimum storage usage and smooth offline functioning were the two key interests of Starbucks Coffee in developing a progressive web application. Starbucks coffee is a multinational coffee franchise that wanted to increase business by allowing users to go through their menus offline on their mobile or anywhere else on the go. Introducing flavours of the month and other such promotions through interactive banners was also a goal which the PWA has fulfilled.

8. OLX

This is an Indian website for classified ads where users can resell their products. Loading the ads seamlessly and even while offline required the work of a progressive web app developer. They have experienced a whopping 250% increase in user engagement since launching the PWA, and that is definitely something that all enterprises would want to emulate.

9. Pinterest Social Curation

Pinterest made the decision to invest in progressive web app when they were experiencing a conversion rate of a measly 1%. Pinterest is the website that allows you to ‘pin’ your goal architecture options, food recipes, fabrics, or anything else you can think of. Since developing the PWA they have seen a significant rise in user re-engagement.

10. Make My Trip

Make My Trip, like Trivago, is another website which requires excellent offline functionality. Make My Trip is a website for booking transport, hotels, and entire trip packages necessary to plan your next holiday. People often need to use this application while they are on their vacation and developing a PWA allowed Make My Trip to give its users great offline functionality.


From these top ten progressive web applications, we can see the advantages of progressive web application development. Essentially any enterprise that wants greater user engagement, offline functionality, wants to eliminate the installation process, and retain the feel of a mobile application should hire a progressive web app developer to get cracking on his user engagment. 

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