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Top App Development Frameworks in 2019

Top App Development Frameworks in 2019

There is a paradigm shift in deploying apt business tactics. Most of the corporations are using mobile apps rather than desktop websites. Which framework can help you to boost your business is the biggest question among entrepreneurs. Let’s figure out more in the write-up!

With the increasing demand of mobile apps in the market, the industry is encountering one of the competitive stages where the choice of the precise framework with a suitable platform, as well as the development approach, becomes critical.

Within the past few years, there has been a stable enhancement in the quantity of coding languages for iOS and Android OS. In fact, the cross-platform mobile app development has acquired the speed and one can surely credit the greatest framework for this key revolution. The frameworks are even responsible behind altering an iOS application into an Android application and vice-versa.

Let us have a look at what frameworks are generally used by the top app development companies in the upcoming section.

Top 5 Frameworks for Your Next App!


Ionic is a broadly utilized framework for the building of mobile applications. What’s more appealing to note down is that it is absolutely free of cost. The framework is a client-side framework, which assists in developing native-based applications with an amalgamation of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3. The Ionic framework even is compatible with the most recent mobile gadgets and arranges a strong ground for the app prior to its introduction in the market.

The component of HTML5 assists in structuring hybrid applications as well. Without any doubt, it is considered to be the best assets for building progressive web apps. It can work well with the influential Software Development Kit like the Angular. It even works greatest with PhoneGap, as well as Cordova.


Microsoft introduced Xamarin and to make the most excellent utilize of the Xamarin, the app developers must discover to perform the C# codebase, as well as develop helpful applications for iOS, Windows, and Android. It is possible for you to share these codes by using Mac OS and Windows platforms. As a matter of fact, it permits the advantage of code sharing; a lot of time can be saved.


Flutter was introduced lately by Google, which is an open-source app development SDK. This is an admired framework and jotted down in the Dart language. Nevertheless, if I talk about the preference of framework, it is the finest choice for hybrid apps’ development.

Flutter uses the 2D rendering engine known as Skia to design the visuals. The visuals look like the Material Design and Cupertino technique. It is much simpler to analyze your project in Flutter. There is no need to start the project once again even if you make any mistake.


Corona SDK

Corona SDK is quite quick in comparison to the different mobile app development frameworks. The crucial aspect is that it is compatible with Lua, which is a light-weight coding language that provides speed, effortlessness of usage, and elasticity to develop apps. Therefore, if you need to code at a high-quality speed devoid of comprising the mobile app superiority, then the choice is all yours. In addition, it is free and works fine with Mac and Windows as well.

JQuery Mobile

It is an HTML5 based framework popular across the globe. What makes it unique is the fact that it can be accessed all through the devices with just one code edition. You can make use of this framework to design both mobile apps, as well as websites and obtain widespread support for different kinds of OS including Blackberry, Firefox, Windows, Mac OS, Kindle, and much more.

You can install the jQuery edition in 2 variants; as a tailored framework or the recent steady edition. This voluntarily displays that its fame and requirement is surging elevated with quicker app development in mixture with the plugins.

React Native

App developers across the globe consider React native as a good choice when it comes to building apps. The framework has been launched through social media giant Facebook. Though it made its beginning approximately in 2013, it has turned out to be one of the favored choices for the organizations.

React Native is fundamentally an open-source framework giving plenty support to the IDEs, along with the other app development utilities. It is believed to be one of the finest JavaScript frameworks for building native apps for iOS and Android. You can prefer the React Native for the app development and React for the web.

Native Scripts

Most of the people must be aware of the fact that Native Scripts as the finest frameworks when it comes to building hybrid applications. The mobile applications that are utilizing the Native Scripts access the similar APIs, which is possible to use same as Android Studio or Xcode. You can get abundant assists by means of tutorials with the help of official website.

Final Thoughts

The frameworks are considered to be the greatest driving tools for developing a mobile or web app. The year 2019 will surely see the appearance of a lot of accepted frameworks, however; the above-mentioned frameworks are going to be on the priority list. In case, you want to build an app, then Fluper can help you out. It is a leading iOS and Android app development company around the globe.

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