Hey business, are you keeping tabs on security measures in your iOS app development?


For both users and developers, smartphone security is still an issue. Users want to prefer only those apps which they feel safe and secure. And now developers also know that apps can only become popular just not because of great user experience but the safe user experience.

The complete guide to mobile app development myths

Many business owners are realizing that to stay competitive, there is a need of well-developed mobile apps. In fact, you will see that several businesses you interact with in your daily life have their own dedicated app. Nowadays, not only businesses, but customers are also adopting apps for researching and purchasing things. Hence, mobile app development industry is growing at a rapid pace.

Apple launches arkit: what you need to know?


Apple introduced ARKit and it has caught the developers world by storm. Lets understand what exactly is ARKit and how it will revolutionize Augmented Reality apps on iPhone and iPad.

Mobile app icon designing tips: important for all app developers


Mobile app development is gaining huge momentum as a large number of people are looking forward to have an app either for their businesses or for daily work. In order to attain success from your app development, it is important to create an attractive app icon. This is because it will help you in getting more downloads. Appinventiv is a great company where mobile app developers pays a lot of attention on creating an awesome icon that can grab the attention of target audience.

Here today, gone tomorrow – addressing the Chinese app retention issue

However you choose to look at it, the app market is growing. In 2012, Google Play only had 600,000 apps available. Today, the number of apps is close to 3 million. Global gross app revenue is also expected to reach $102 billion by 2020, according to recent projections by App Annie. But despite this, many app developers across the world, including China, are in a precarious position and are not reaping the full benefits of the ongoing growth. User engagement is narrowing and revenues are low, especially for low-to-mid tier app owners – more than 50 per cent of app developers are operating under a ‘poverty threshold’ of $500 per month in revenues.

iOS app developers can respond to app store reviews: know some proper ways of communicating

With the release of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4, Apple has come up with great design tweaks and amendments. There is a special feature that allows iOS app developers to respond to the reviews of their customers in a hassle-free manner. This allow them to offer support, ask follow-up questions or simply interact with their app's users. Previously, without a review response system developers were not able to foster a sense of community around apps.

For better user experience, add dark mode feature to your mobile applications

Mobile applications are no more an additional service to offer. It has became a must-have thing for all the businesses now. More and more companies are jumping into the world of mobile marketing to reach a larger audience, serve them with the best products/services, and stay ahead of their competitors.

6 sectors going to the next level with augmented reality apps

Augmented Reality is a big game changer for many industries. It has the potential to disrupt how things are done. These 6 sectors or industries have adopted AR quickly and people are realizing the immense benefits AR apps brings with it.

Important iOS app development trends to consider for great apps


If a report is to be believed, Apple App Store has earned a revenue of $ 40 billion and this is a clear example of the store's tremendous growth. The demand for iOS apps is growing by leaps and bounds. Thus, companies like Appinventiv is engaged in offering qualitative iOS app development services at affordable rates. There is denying that modern technology is making speedy advancements towards bigger and better. Therefore, app developers should stay updated with the recent trends in iOS app development.

iPhone app development: crucial guidelines to follow

Well-developed mobile apps with unique features and functionality have brought a revolutionary change in the market. There are millions of apps available in the app store and every single day number of new apps are added and this is mainly because of the growing demand for using innovative apps. Today, applications are more of a utility, allowing you to do anything from booking travel tickets to ordering food online and managing your finances. If you are the one who is looking forward to gain higher app download ratio and good star rating for your iPhone app, it is time to understand important guidelines essential for iPhone app development success.

How are UX trends changing the designing aspect?


Today, most of the people – be it adults or teenagers own a smartphone and this also affected the number of PC users. People are shifting to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and desktops have taken a backseat. And this is going to continue as well. Mobile is the new popular thing and its popularity is not going to fade anytime soon. This means that people prefer using mobile more to access content and to engage with businesses. And if the UX is not up to the mark, the users will leave your mobile application for a better one.