Create screenshots which can sell your app


Your app is launched finally, what else can be beautiful than that…when you know the mobile application you have developed is ready to hit the market with a bucket full of your business goals and users expectations in it.

Check How to turn your mobile app idea into reality?

Do you have an innovative mobile app idea? So, here's a 8 step cheatsheet on how you can turn that app idea into reality and be on your way to creating history and/or millions of dollars with the mobile application.

What is Android Go? what do you need to know about this new OS?

The Android platform has been a great place for innovation as its open source nature has allowed many developers to make customized solution through Android applications. This is only possible due to the intervention and innovation of Google. They have been innovating different solutions for the Android OS which is less complex and puts minimal load on the system.

Things you should know before developing an iPhone application

The Apple platform is one of the best platforms that have a wide audience base of sophisticated users. This gives the Apple an opportunity to test their innovative ideas on a user base that is always open to new technologies. And as a platform, iOS demands such level of dedication and innovation to their developers. The quality benchmark that iPhone has set for their users should be maintained in the application developed by the developers.

What factors are responsible for iPhone app rejection on Apple app store?


The Apple has a reputation for quality and perfection which they have inherited from their founder Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was really a perfectionist and an admirer of unique ideas which made Apple what it is today. They have come up with many innovative ideas that have inspired many other companies to follow in their footsteps. One such idea was the app store of iOS applications where developers can put forth their app ideas and let the Apple iPhone users download them.

What if machine sees the way we human do

“Possibilities are when machine learning is not just the algorithm, but beyond that; they also start seeing the way human do and understand it with deep learning.”

Must- have features for the diet and nutrition app

Health is wealth…we all heard this many times before, but somehow I feel this adage falls fit more appropriately in the current life cycle, where we all deal with the adverse situations thrown from the work and the personal life at regular intervals.

Ways to find the long tail keywords for free

Technology laden world which is swarming with the newest and the advanced versions of technologies and technical capabilities has shifted the burden of solution-led keyword enriched content.

How big data fuels mobile apps

There are so many expectations to drill out from Big Data. In technological aspects, it still consists of a lot more mysteries to unlock!!!

How to create a digital business card and what to include on it

A digital business card is already the center of attraction for professionals around the world. These cards have not just extended the features and capabilities of a business card by complementing their physical counterparts, but have progressively got an upper hand, thanks to multi-purpose, multi-faceted and multi-tasking features they provide. You, too, must act proactively and learn how to create a digital business card and what all important information you should consider including on it.