How to boost your app’s ranking

How to boost your app’s ranking

It is nothing less than a magical morning when your guardian angel comes down to the seventh sky to finally bestow the heavenly blessings on your mobile app and make the desired and ranking standards to fall on your mobile app within a blink of the eye.

How to overcome the app development challenges


Every industry has its own ups and downs which are coupled with some challenges and plus points and mobile app development industry is no exception to it, but it rather painful to handle the challenges of mobile app development technology since it deals with the technology which is changing and evolving every moment, so it needs to be given some extra attention in order to avoid any kind of glitch to occur to the mobile app development process.

5 feature your restaurant mobile app must have in 2018

The days are gone when restaurants used to have mobile apps just to help people swipe through the menu items and see available discounts and promotional deals. Today, the application of mobile technology in the restaurant industry has changed altogether, and mobile apps are the driving force for this rapid transformation.

Fascinating must have features for a travel app in 2018, that can help your business grow


The need to have a mobile app for your travel business was never more urgent. The number of travel apps for iOS and Android platforms are increasing each day. Today, tablet and smartphone users spend massive amount of time to research and plan out their next holiday destination or the location for their next business travel on their mobile devices.

Proven ways to avoid data leakage in an Android app


Data Leak is one of a major threat to the Android Mobile App Industry and it is more notorious to the entrepreneurs and enterprises. Learn some strategies and prevention methods for your upcoming Mobile App Development.

How health care mobile apps can help doctors and their patients


People are always cautious about their health and in this technology era the expectations are compromised by the Customized Health care app development for both patients and the healthcare providers. Read more here about the key benefits of health care apps.

Top 5 easy to avoid mistakes e-commerce stores make


Seeing the changes in buying behaviors in market and increased spending on online ecommerce marketplaces and sites, you must be fascinated by the idea of coming up with an ecommerce website.

Consider these top 5 tips to simplify your enterprise app development

Mobile app development is no rocket science; however, it can get tricky at times, particularly if you’re short of relevant resources. Out of over 2.8mn apps of Google Play and more than 2.2mn on the Apple App Store, how many do you actually install or use on a regular basis?

Electric vehicle apps are the new trends of 2018

In the coming few years the pollution ticket won't be necessary with the electric Vehicles hitting the roads. The vision was brought to the table long back but it is being executed nowadays as the only pure zero-emission electric vehicles launched by companies like Milltex Spero, Lightspeed, Hulikkal and Volta Motors.

What apps are making the most of Apple Arkit?


Apple announced ARKit recently and opened doors for tons of opportunities for developers. Using this tool, developers can build AR based apps and elevate user experience far beyond 2D apps. Lets find out which popular apps are using ARKit?