Voice is the next big thing in mobile apps

Voice recognition is certainly the hot technology currently, as it offers a lot of benefits such as high level of convenience, hassle-free operation, and natural interaction to users. Here's why voice recognition technology is the next big thing for apps.

Top 5 mobile app development trends expected to dominate in 2018

Mobile apps have surely been the hotspot of news, views, reviews and analysis over the last couple of years. Despite rumors, or better say ‘misinterpretations’, about the alleged ‘app boom’ coming to the brink of closure, the fact of the day remains the same as it had been over the last year, year-and-a-half, or so: mobile apps are striking gold, the app boom is not going to end anytime soon.

Role of IoT in mobile app development

The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) into every aspect of our lives from sensing our electricity consumptions to monitoring expiry dates of our food in the refrigerators, make our lives a sci-fi plot. IoT has totally changed the way we live our life. It makes our world automated.

5 iPhone apps that will make you more efficient

There’s no time to waste when you’re running a business, no matter how small or large your scheme of things is! Fortunately, the right tablet or smartphone apps can easily help you trim down on overall wasted time. Here’re the top 5 apps that can come pretty handy in making your business team more agile, efficient and productive.

Understanding the AWS Buzz Words: Amazon Lambda (Λ) and Alexa

The CTO of Amazon Werner Vogles coined the terms Alexa and lambda at the Amazon reinvent 2017 conference, now it just feels like a girl’s name and a science symbol to a non-coder but it’s not so if we could just understand what are these words and how are they adding up to the evolution of technology.

Top 5 iPhone application development trend expected to dominate 2018

Another splendid year is in climax. Another splendid year for iPhone app development. With 4 mn+ apps, a download growth rate of over 70 percent and a whopping $5bn+ in revenue, Apple has sure earned a fortune in 2017 from its App Store. And iPhone application developers have made hay, exponentially. Backed by a dream run in 2017, the App Store is all settled to go for the full Monty in the year ahead. And iPhone application developers can expect better rewards in 2018.

How mobile apps empower small businesses

Mobile apps can work wonders provided the execution is sublime and purpose of the app is clearly defined regardless of you being a small-scale enterprise or an industry’s behemoth.

Top reasons why you need both a mobile website and a mobile app

Although personal and business-specific factors play a role in the selection of whether or not to go in for mobile apps, in general, for a majority of the current day businesses, having a combination – both websites as well as mobile apps – is the sure shot route to success.

Here are the things you need to take care of when building mobile apps for kids in 2018

Gone are the days, when kids used to spend hours in outdoor games, read book and do other activities. The reality has changed and children of today’s generation are more interested in mobile apps and video games. Looking to build a kids app soon? Here are the most important things you need to know

Top 5 technology trends expected to dominate in 2018

Some technology trends live the life of a soap bubble, tend to fizzle out, live unheard for the most part, and go down into the dumps – unnoticed; while others are significant enough to create a hurricane in the global tech ecosystem, bring about a revolutionary transformation, and change our digital lives – forever.