How React Native make App Development easy?


In today's modern time, users all around the world are always looking for quick information so, it is important for businesses to work upon it with the use of mobile application development service.

Remarkable features of iOS 13 SDK - a perfect betterment

The wait is over now. iOS 13 is available in the market. iOS 13 was the most awaited operating system from iOS developers to implement the latest features in iOS mobile app development. An update always brings a quality change in either IT related things or non-IT.

Things you should know to become a Blockchain Developer

Cryptocurrencies and the involved technologies are undergoing a considerable evolution and are changing the phase to let it become smart and feasible. To go with these promising technologies not only facilitate one's present but also the future. Blockchains are digital databases used to store plenty of information. Unlike conventional excel sheets, these Blockchains have come up with unique features like decentralized format provided with public access, and also are guided by consensus which makes it feasible as far as data security issues are concerned. Here is the guide you must be looking for to enter into the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Virtual Reality Training for HVAC - Simplify complex situations with immersive experience.

Virtual Reality technology has a forte in offering Virtual training that is helpful for businesses to offer immersive training. These day VR equipment/devices are getting more in demand with more possibilities. The main purpose of virtual training is to resolve complex situations with more accurate and immersive experience.

Ionic vs. Cordova: Everything you need to know

As technology is improving at a high speed, mobile app developers have more choices at hand when it comes to developing apps. The need for mobile phone applications has become so important in the present life that people are investing more and more in mobile app development. The development of an app is a procedure of creating all of the code, assets, and design required to execute a software application for business digital assistants, mobile devices, and digital assistants. From the past few years, mobile app development has been steadily rising, in revenues and jobs created.

Why digital Payment is the Future of Money Transaction?

With technology alarming around the different areas of the world, the mobile device is weaving a link to connect technology and the people. Mobile payment apps have been gaining huge popularity, setting expectations for a dazzling future across the globe. However, the popularity of mobile apps is expected to increase sharply over the next few years. The digital world is on your hands thanks to the advancement of smartphones technology.

Artificial Intelligence: Pros and Cons to know for better business outcomes

Artificial Intelligence over the years has changed a lot, increasing the levels of data being processed with the development of advanced algorithms. The understanding of the data with relevant inputs is better than before. Artificial intelligence is all about learning from the human experiences it comes across. AI has always adjusted on its own to new inputs as the new version of advanced technology.

How mobile apps are changing the dynamics of logistic and supply chain industry?


Without any certainty, the upsurge of logistics and supply chain industry over the past few years is all thanks to the mobile industry. As we know that products, people, and packages are continuously moving from one place to another and people are more and more using mobile devices in their daily lives, with all the profit of continuous high-bandwidth internet and applications.

5 rewarding tips to increase business mobile app engagement

Sometimes it seems like that the mobile world is conventionally divided into two main groups (which, evidently, can be mixed): Mobile app engagement and mobile app retention are the two main metrics that provide an authentic insight into the accomplishment of an application. Low app engagement and retention rate follows a formula for failure, while high user engagement and retention helps you to achieve success. So the question here arises how do you increase business mobile app engagement? But before proceeding ahead it is important to understand what it is and why we need to increase it for our business app success.

Boosting Your Taxi Business With These AddOns!

Ever wonder why Lyft's IPO was such a threat to Uber's IPO? On-demand taxi app is a very busy and tough niche to target. Your startup can either be the disruptor in the industry or just another failed attempt to be in it. How do you make sure that your startup creates a stir in the on-demand taxi app industry? These add-ons by Appscrip can help you out with the situation.

Difference between the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Without any doubt, Apple and Android are two big players in the marketplace of the smartphone with their operating systems, app stores, and devices; each of the platforms hosts over 2 million mobile applications. At present App store is offering mobile app developers with an opportunity to capitalize on the marketplace with their work and on the other hand, Google Play is offering a great number of apps. In this write-up, we are making a brief comparison between Apple’s App Store and Google play store.

Digital Quality Assurance – Modern Methods for Modern Products

The pen and paper checklist method of yesterday is completely unsuited to quality assurance and management. Compliance with industry regulations such as ISO 9001 become simple, as such standards can be integrated directly with the inspection checklist and back-end system.

New app rating formula for Android apps

With the advancement in technology, Google is increasing the influence of app reviews when calculating the average Play store rating of an app. This announcement came into notice at the company’s yearly I/O developer meeting. These refreshed review ratings will be rolling out to the public at the beginning of this August month. These changes are similar to the iOS 11 update 2 years ago. Now with this app rating formula the review regency matters in both app stores, more than ever before. And this means that for a successful business identifying and activate your customers is more significant than it’s ever been.

Role of mobile applications in business growth

With the advancement in technology, every company runs a business with the intent of increasing sales rate, earning huge profits, improving brand awareness and customer engagement. With these motives in mind, it is significant for the business owners to search out various ways and plan strategies that can help them reach out to enormous audiences in less time. Connecting with a large number of audiences in a short interval is not easy. So to expand internationally, it is significant for businesses to promote themselves with the most modern technology. From the past few years, mobile apps have opened several opportunities for every business industry.

Virtual Training: Breakthrough in the Field of Disaster Management

A natural disaster is something that happens without any invitation. Several challenges arrive which involves high risk, often life-threatening situations. Natural disasters, most of the time can be of any size, but always involves high-risk rate. To face and go through such situation employees such as firefighters need to have rigorous live training.

5 Mobile Apps to eliminate the Stress of Travel

Travelling can be a stressful experience, but you can make it a bit easier with the proper collection of right mobile apps. Since we travel for various reasons and it might be stressful for some people and hectic for others at the same time who likes traveling.

Why do mobile Metrics matter the most for business success?

Nowadays mobile app development has become an important part of every business marketing strategy. If you are running an online business, you need an application because most of the people prefer buying things on mobile apps due to their busy schedule. However, gone are the days when the success of an app was measured by the number of downloads and ratings. With the ever-evolving changes in the technology world, mobile app metrics are vital because, without them, no one can make the idea of whether their business app is doing well or not. The businesses that lack particular metrics fail to attract the customers faster.