Difference between Progressive web apps and web APKs

How about mobile applications that need not be installed on your phone? Many mobile app users find it not worthy to download a big app for a small task. Mobile app development companies follow certain strategies to get more and more downloads. What is the point of those strategies if users are going to uninstall your app after a while?

Choose the language of your choice in Rails Mobile App!

With the advancement of technology, adding multi-language feature and its internationalization has become the necessity of a mobile app. It offers you multiple benefits and one of key ones is expanding your business reach. In order to discover more, read the complete write-up.

Top steps to develop Mobile App successfully

Whether you’re a traditional retailer or a company selling more abstract services, providing your customers with constant access is one of the most important methods you have towards improving relations with established customers and expanding your outreach. That’s why mobile app development has become such a critical skill for business owners.

5 reasons why Hybrid App Development is ruling the market

Organizations today aspire to develop platforms that offer improved engagement with the target audiences and hybrid apps can help you to achieve this. Do you why hybrid apps have become a good choice when it comes to app development? Read the complete write-up and find out!

Serving customers better with advanced technologies in 2019

2018 is about to over with accomplishments of many challenges and 2019 is there with more new challenges. With the amalgamation of businesses and technology brands are trying to serve customers with different approaches. It is clear that customer service is the priority of the businesses and to deal with them is their challenge combat.

What Revolution iOS Apps can Bring in Education Sector?

What Revolution iOS Apps can Bring in Education Sector?

Education is something, which is getting advanced day-by-day. The key factor behind this is the increasing interference of technology, specifically mobile apps. What future holds for iOS apps in the education sector is worth to explore.

Android P was rolled out recently for Public. Here is how to prepare your android app for it

Android P was released for general public sometime back. Google launched the first preview of Android P in March earlier this year. Developers have been working hard to develop new apps using Android P. It is also important that your apps are compatible to the new version of Android. This is detailed guide on what all things you need to take care of.

What Skills an App Developer Should Have in 2019?


With the year 2019 on our doorsteps, every day many speculations are being made about how the tech domain will evolve further in the coming few months. Adding to the same segment we decided to throw some light on one of the most sought after development trend and formulated a resourceful walkthrough to hire app developer with skills for futuristic development with the next-gen trends of 2019.

Discover the Top iOS Development Trends for 2019

So what are the hot trends for iOS developers in 2019? We’ve surveyed the market and identified five trends that we expect to grow even bigger in 2019 in the world of iPhone app development.

Top Challenges in AR Mobile App Development

The augmented reality (AR) experience is gaining popularity due to the unforgettable experience that it gives most users. Experts predict that by 2022, the AR market will be worth more than $15 billion.

How Can Digitization Improve Productivity In Construction Projects?


Construction applications are changing the scenario for this industry. Examine your workflow and start using this digital way which can double your productivity and efficiency. Start using this revolutionary software and if you have any other requirements then contact to Auxano Global Services.