Everything you need to know about the new Google Assistant


The Google assistant has been a useful tool for many Android users that have helped them to surf the web with ease. They have helped them to set alarms, remember a song that they couldn’t remember, calling people, etc. But now Google has introduced several new features in the pictures that have taken Google Assistant to a whole another level. Google has made use of its old and faithful friend, the artificial intelligence, which has given the assistant enough boost to grow. The AI has made the Google assistant completely self-sufficient where it has made the interaction of the assistant personalized for all users. Google has also promised many new features if the existing features go successfully.

Efficient tactics that can help you sell your Android mobile apps

Do you have an Android app that you want to see get successful? Then you need to implement significant marketing techniques that can help your application be successful. The competition is fiercer than ever now with over 3.5 million application in the play store. There are minimum two applications in the play store for the same purpose. This means that the applications in the app store are developed for different needs that create a divided audience that can affect the success of the applications.

How to handle app reviews

My app is live and sooner there will be real-time reviews from the users, and am pretty excited and nervous both…

iOS app development checklist for enthusiasts


There is always something special about Apple either its their products or its development part. iOS their operating system is none the less. It has its own range of developers and its part of a Trending tech.

Hidden advantages of cross-platform app development with react native


Cell phone designers or developers are continually hoping for skill enhancement. This is genuine truth for the iOS app development applications they make. Same can be said about their own procedures and work processes. There are many instruments, structures, dialects, and platforms accessible. This list is only going to increase with time. It can be difficult to make sense of what is here to stay and what’s not.

Top UI design trends for mobile apps

Top UI design trends for mobile apps

How indispensable is user interaction in mobile app development? An interface is one of the most important aspects when it comes about mobile app development. If the interaction through interface has hurdles, ultimately the performance of that mobile app decreases.

How to install and Begin Development on the latest Android Studio 3.1.2?


Android has been one of the best application platforms that have attracted a large audience of users. Just like iOS platform, Android platform has been providing their users with quality on-demand applications, gaming applications, business applications, etc. The Android platform has provided their users with applications that has plenty of useful features. They have been able to provide such quality applications because of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that they use for development that is Android Studio.

Developers need to prioritize security to use Facebook log-ins

Mobile app developers grew their credibilities after getting introduced to the ready-made user data from Facebook and collaborated to develop unique problem-solving solutions that can be distributed among mass and benefits all at once but recently the data has only been misused by the third party developers due to the lenient screening by Facebook at the initial stage.

Success formula behind ranking higher on Google play store

If you are an App Owner, Sure will have a question in mind how to rank your app top in Play Store? W2S Solutions brings you an Informative Blog post to answer all your questions. Learn and share this real tips and make your way to top of the Play Store.

How companies can monetize artificial intelligence

We are still not over with the Google I/O some really mind-blowing creation. In a stunning demo of Google’s Duplex making an actual phone call with a human touch, this is the perfect example of futuristic tech companies are going to introduce and use.

5 queries to make before hiring mobile app developers

Be it games, e-commerce or social networking, we are surrounded by apps. From the alarm that wakes us in the morning to coordinate with colleagues and from buying a gift for a friend to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we use apps for just about everything. Be it games, e-commerce or social networking, we are surrounded by apps. From the alarm that wakes us in the morning to coordinate with colleagues and from buying a gift for a friend to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we use apps for just about everything. 

Google I/O 2018 – the latest updates


Google surely knows how to surprise its user when users are thinking “well now what more they can do”. So for users like us who are crazy about the new technologies, inventions and ready to accept them in our daily lives, here the new updates from the Google.