Homophones of technology: Java and JavaScript


The urge to be online for every small and big business is growing day by day is increasing the demand for programming languages but do we really understand how are these languages differ from one another.

Revolutionary mobile app development trends to look for in 2018

If there is one thing you could be certain, it's that technology enviable mobile apps which are developing faster every day. What was in higher demand yesterday doesn't remain same the next day. Everyone should keep this in mind, mobile app development market is widespread for its volatility which is why mobile app developers are looking for more advanced software, compatible hardware components, and futuristic development tools to assure that their new and existing apps meet the market demand.

The fundamentals of mobile app development for business

In this blog post, we're going to shed some light on the basics of mobile app development. Since the mobile platform is vital to modern-day communication and social media, whether it's WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Every social media technology is being built for the mobile platform.

How does a grocery app change our way of shopping?


Shopping grocery was never simple as it done with the mobile apps now. Today all you need to do is to select your preferred grocery items online with just a few taps and the groceries are brought to your doorsteps.

Google announces ARCore recently. What lies beneath? How does it stack against Apple's ARKit?


Recently, Google announced a tool that will allow developers to write AR apps for android devices. Augmented Reality (AR) is something that takes users to a different world. It helps developers to overlay digital content on top of real world. Now, the question is – what is the big tool?

How to build an app using Agile Development?


Agility is the ability to respond quickly and easily to changes in your environment. Agile development refers to the set of ideals behind efficiently building a piece of software that is easily adaptable to the needs of the users.

Why you should care about mobile app maintenance


While there are no predefined set of rules under the mobile app development flagship, app maintenance is something that goes a long way to keep your app alive in the App Store. The world of mobile applications is a dynamic one. Continuous updates are being made by mobile app developers and you have to remain updated, at least, to keep the things rolling towards the right direction.

How to choose best mobile app development framework?

The act of developing any high-end mobile application or technology is never an easy task. However, with the right tools and frameworks, developers can perform this task easily and efficiently. A frame work is known to be sophisticated software that includes some sub components which assist in any mobile app development any developer may want to have.

How is a mobile app development team set up?


In a global economy where technology is evolving at lightning speed, as a CTO/CIO, it is important to ensure that you put together a team that understands the current trends in app development, and one that is bound to provide exemplary results.