Why PHP web development company is recommended for AMP(accelerated mobile pages)

Businesses today are at a competitive edge and are always looking for ways that attracting the audiences. The present era of business demands, an effective and attractive business pages and websites for the users. These attractive and innovative web and mobile pages are not just for attracting the customers but also offers many distinguish benefits to the business. These interactive pages give a distinguished identity to the brand and help to provide essential information to the customers.

The acute demand for pet apps


You must have heard about the popular saying, “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen”. Some people owe their entire happiness to their pets. Hear them saying, “Everything I know, I learnt from my pet”.

4 Reasons to Appoint an Android App Development Company

The technology has grown substantially in such a small timeframe. To some extent, the mobile app industry is responsible for the growth. The worldwide businesses regardless of their business size are opting for app development to further grow their business. A mobile application can give them the exposure to a versatile audience base from all over the world. The mobile applications can be developed in platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Is your mobile app deep linked?

Mobile apps have launched phones with expanded internal memory because the apps being developed were taking a lot of space and did you ever wonder why is the size of the mobile app you are using increasing with every update?

Why should you choose agile for mobile app development?

Agile development methodology saves time and cost for clients. Its one of the best model wherein requirements are not 100% clear and If it still evolves. Mobile App development companies shall use Agile Methodologies in building web and mobile products.

Visual studio opens new doors to faster Android app development

Visual studio opens new doors to faster Android app development

The Android application development has always been a versatile domain. As Android application is open source the development and publishing the application has become much easier. There are several IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that are used to develop the Android applications. These different IDEs provides different features to develop the applications.

How can you develop a successful app with Design Thinking?

Building a successful app in all terms can be a bit of tedious task. More than that, keeping your user's needs fulfilled and retaining their satisfaction becomes difficult. The concept of Design Thinking gives the best solution for this!

Best augmented reality SDK for augmented reality development

Augmented Reality has been one of the major trends that took the level of technology encompassing us by a storm. More than half of the industries have already made use of AR-based apps in their businesses to cope up with the changing scenarios. But think about it, how can you develop the best AR-based app?

Why security should be integrated into app development process?

There are so many applications that have state of the art functionality and expressive design. This is the reason that these applications are really popular and in trend. The process of app development is pretty standard and is done according to the given guidelines. Even though the application has efficient features and functionality, the security of the application is not necessarily robust. The data of the users and the source code of the application remain vulnerable to potential attackers if the security of the application is not strong.

Google's new ad filter for better user's ad experience

In the recent times, digital marketing has taken over the market and almost every company irrespective of their size whether startups, enterprises or businesses are running online ads and incorporating digital marketing strategies that can help them to get more traffic onto their websites, mobile pages, etc. But in the midst of all this, businesses have forgotten the fact that they may be causing inconvenience to the users or buyers or any potential entity. The question arises “How businesses are killing their own potential customers?”