Boosting Your Taxi Business With These AddOns!

Ever wonder why Lyft's IPO was such a threat to Uber's IPO? On-demand taxi app is a very busy and tough niche to target. Your startup can either be the disruptor in the industry or just another failed attempt to be in it. How do you make sure that your startup creates a stir in the on-demand taxi app industry? These add-ons by Appscrip can help you out with the situation.

Difference between the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Without any doubt, Apple and Android are two big players in the marketplace of the smartphone with their operating systems, app stores, and devices; each of the platforms hosts over 2 million mobile applications. At present App store is offering mobile app developers with an opportunity to capitalize on the marketplace with their work and on the other hand, Google Play is offering a great number of apps. In this write-up, we are making a brief comparison between Apple’s App Store and Google play store.

Digital Quality Assurance – Modern Methods for Modern Products

The pen and paper checklist method of yesterday is completely unsuited to quality assurance and management. Compliance with industry regulations such as ISO 9001 become simple, as such standards can be integrated directly with the inspection checklist and back-end system.

New app rating formula for Android apps

With the advancement in technology, Google is increasing the influence of app reviews when calculating the average Play store rating of an app. This announcement came into notice at the company’s yearly I/O developer meeting. These refreshed review ratings will be rolling out to the public at the beginning of this August month. These changes are similar to the iOS 11 update 2 years ago. Now with this app rating formula the review regency matters in both app stores, more than ever before. And this means that for a successful business identifying and activate your customers is more significant than it’s ever been.

Role of mobile applications in business growth

With the advancement in technology, every company runs a business with the intent of increasing sales rate, earning huge profits, improving brand awareness and customer engagement. With these motives in mind, it is significant for the business owners to search out various ways and plan strategies that can help them reach out to enormous audiences in less time. Connecting with a large number of audiences in a short interval is not easy. So to expand internationally, it is significant for businesses to promote themselves with the most modern technology. From the past few years, mobile apps have opened several opportunities for every business industry.

Virtual Training: Breakthrough in the Field of Disaster Management

A natural disaster is something that happens without any invitation. Several challenges arrive which involves high risk, often life-threatening situations. Natural disasters, most of the time can be of any size, but always involves high-risk rate. To face and go through such situation employees such as firefighters need to have rigorous live training.

5 Mobile Apps to eliminate the Stress of Travel

Travelling can be a stressful experience, but you can make it a bit easier with the proper collection of right mobile apps. Since we travel for various reasons and it might be stressful for some people and hectic for others at the same time who likes traveling.

Why do mobile Metrics matter the most for business success?

Nowadays mobile app development has become an important part of every business marketing strategy. If you are running an online business, you need an application because most of the people prefer buying things on mobile apps due to their busy schedule. However, gone are the days when the success of an app was measured by the number of downloads and ratings. With the ever-evolving changes in the technology world, mobile app metrics are vital because, without them, no one can make the idea of whether their business app is doing well or not. The businesses that lack particular metrics fail to attract the customers faster.

Know benefits of custom PHP Development


With high competition, having no website is the worst decision you will be making. Yes, there is no point you will find a way out to scroll past your rivals without having a website.

Top 10+ Trusted App Developers in Singapore 2019 featured by Top App Development Companies revealed the leaders in the mobile app industry from Singapore for their credibility to deliver exceptional mobile app solutions. These top 10+ companies are excellent in terms of their services and very much adaptable with the latest technologies in mobile app solution. This list can help many to find their best partner out.

Why Flutter is the future of mobile app development?

“Flutter is Google's portable UI toolkit that helps mobile app developers and designers build modern apps for Android and iOS” From the day when version 1.0 of the Flutter framework has been released in the marketplace, it has been one of the hottest topics in the mobile application development industry. For now, this framework is relatively fresh, yet a trend for developing an outstanding mobile application. This is why today here I am going to discuss the future of Flutter mobile app development but before jumping to that part, let’s know more about this framework.

Augmented Reality in Sports: Proving a boon for the sports industry

Augmented Reality in Sports: Proving a boon for the sports industry

The sports industry is considered one of the most entertaining and lucrative industries. The advent of Augmented Reality into sports can be a game changer in many ways. AR is penetrating in sports like other fields such as manufacturing, education, medicine, and others. AR in sports open’s up unique opportunities to players as well as sports management. It is the best way to harness the power of mobile technologies to drive sports excitement.

An in-depth study and analysis of how location data is used in mobile apps


Location data can be an invaluable resource when it comes to activities like engaging customers. Insidious use of mobile devices has brought forth an extensive flux of user information like geolocation data, which is of immense value for marketers. More often than not, businesses lack the basic technical skill set to use this data to their advantage, even when they have easy access to it. 

How to optimize your Google play store page?

How to optimize your Google play store page?

If you are going to launch your Android app on Google Play Store then you must be worried about choosing the right set of app keywords. Well yes, App store optimization plays a crucial role in marketing your app in the mobile marketplace. There must be several questions that are running in your mind and maybe, you need some help. With this play store optimization guide, you will surely get answers to all your questions shortly.