2017 app creation software market research report details market developments such as global trends, value, growth, size, analysis or future 2022 forecasts

Global App Creation Software Market 2017 Research Report initially provides a basic overview of the industry that covers definition, applications and manufacturing technology, post which the report explores into the international players in the market. This is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the App Creation Software Market.

Predicting the future with deep learning is now made possible by MIT

One of the most significant quality of our human brain is that separates us from the animals is our unique ability to predict things in the future. The animals on the other hand can only predict conditions like weather changes, hibernation and pack hunting. So, when we meet two people we can often predict what happens next, as we possess intuitive abilities out of a lifetime of experience.

Prismetric includes augmented reality according to new research report

With every technology upgrade creating positive impact on business improvement, Augmented Reality is indeed the newest to continue the trend. Prismetric, from India, jumps on the bandwagon not just supporting the emerging technology, but also ready to help businesses harness the potential benefits.

Its official: Android N will now be known as Nougat

Google announced earlier in the day that Android N the latest version of Android will now be known as Nougat. Interestingly, the company used Snapchat as one of the platform to reveal the name for the first time. Unfortunately, it is still unclear as to what version number will Nougat get as its predecessor Marshmallow version number was 6.0, so it is likely to 6.1 or 7.0.

UK workers say, workplace wearables to become the new spy tools

According to PWC research report, use of wearables in the workplace is cut short by lack of user’s trust. Despite of 3 million people in the UK, who bought a wearable device in 2015, Britishers are hesitant to allow their employer access to the confidential data.

Apple displays iOS 10 with some key redesigns and features at WWDC

ios 10

WWDC always remains in limelight for its giant announcement made by Apple and this time too, Apple has disclosed some latest updates about its next iOS for iPhone and iPads at the conference. This conference also witnessed the re-naming of the Mac OS X operating system-now dubbed macOS-a preview of the advancements is slated to the OS for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Indian made healthcare mobile app gets featured on Australian news channel

A healthcare mobile app, iCare4U, built by Ahmedabad-based company, Peerbits gets featured in the Australian news Channel. This marks India's significant contribution in the global app market. It is possible with the efforts of companies like Peerbits, India can make its presence felt in the business of mobile app development.

Periscope To add the DJ1 Drone streaming and Broadcast

Periscope 1.4 for iOS drone teaser

LOS ANGELES – We all have heard about Periscope, a Live streaming video app, announced three new services on 9th of May. Periscope announced these three features due to a heated competition with Facebook's new and similar live video features.

A new report claims, in Berlin, apple runs secret car lab with over 20 employees

apple secret car

In addition to speculations on Apple's "Project Titan" automotive initiative, a new report claims that Apple is operating a secret car lab out of Germany's capital city tasked with envisioning and realizing the vehicles of the future. According to citing sources, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Apple's shadowy Berlin includes around 15 to 20 "top-notch" employees from the German automotive industry.