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Paperless quality assurance- using mobile devices

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Coinciding with new technology, automating different Quality assurance processes and tasks within a business can dramatically improve operational efficiencies and subsequently lead to cost and time savings.

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Quality Assurance (QA) is necessary for organizations to ensure mistakes and defects are eliminated. By companies promising their customers they are able to continuously provide the best possible goods or service, this is sure way to build a company’s reputation of high standards of quality assurance and create loyal and returning clients.

ISO9000 defines quality assurance as “part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled”, ISO9000 is the internationally recognised quality management system standard.

By companies introducing strategies and procedures to control and ensure quality assurance, it will in return benefit businesses by creating a culture of high standards.

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To do this, Pervidi provides inspection software that allows companies and organisations to implement procedures that inspect products or services and ensure that  quality assurance are met.

Paperless Quality Assurance

Whilst the degree to which quality assurance activities are applied may vary with the nature, size, extent, or complexity of a project, service or product, paperless inspection software can be of aid in hastening the process while increasing efficiency of such tasks.

The use of a digital inspection application on mobile devices and tablets can enable automated inspections for recording quality assurance, to replace the antiquated, inefficient use of paper and pen to document and communicate data. One of the many benefits of paperless inspection software is that it facilitates the recording of Quality Assurances; taking into account the corrective actions, the desirable outcome, and assessments undertaken by clientele, in a diverse range of professions and fields.

The customizable nature of typical virtual paperless inspection software allows businesses to specialize requirements and personalized checklist/ templates or forms layouts to their specific industry. Digital paperless inspection software has the capability to list information required by standards (i.e.

ISO, International, Australian Standards.) to perform inspection periodically, test and adjust existing equipment or procedures  to fulfil the requirements of the relevant standard, therefore encompassing both safety audits and inspections quality assurance audits.

Pervidi’s Quality Assurance Software

With clear yet refined and specific features, the paperless inspection software is highly interactive and therefore suitable to any type of examinations in the field:

–          Customised checklists / Reports

–          Capture and annotate photos of final product

–          Direct communication to office database in real time

–          Convert speech to text for easy additional data collection

–          Integrated barcodes and RFID for quick identification

–          View reference material on the mobile device (e.g. PDF, jPEG)

–          Electronic signatures, date, time and GPS stamps

Along with a range of others, these facets function
allow necessary quality assurance tasks to be recorded and communicated in an efficient and organized process. The paperless inspection software catalyzes previous procedures which involved tedious paperwork by significantly reducing human errors and manual work.

Quality Assurance – Mobile Devices

Such paperless inspection software is readily available to access on any handheld mobile devices, from Smartphones (both Apple and Android) to tablets and iPads, allowing Quality Assurance to be manageable, accessible and user-friendly in real time.

Pervidi software is easy to use meaning employees are able to conduct quality assurance activities and record data using their mobile devices. Once the software is installed on the allocated mobile device(s), employees are able to conduct mobile digital inspections and benefit from devices hardware which have been integrated by Pervidi to be included into reports i.e.

camera, on screen annotation, speech to text and automatic date/time stamps..

As ideal paperless inspection software for system owners, project managers, compliance managers and other information systems development and maintenance professionals, paperless inspections applications contribute a significant advance in many business areas, including but not limited to assessing and upholding Quality Assurance.

The benefits of using Pervidi for quality assurance

  • Picture-taking and integrating the image with specification data without additional ‘manual’ procedures. QA personnel and inspectors  are able to snap images, ‘doodle’ on their pictures as required, and assign the picture to the appropriate line item on their QA form  with minimal number of ‘clicks’
  • Produce reports with photos embedded
  • Use the speech to text feature to enter comments
  • List all information required by a technician to perform their tasks, including task list, activities, instructions and references to relevant codes and policies including images.
  • Simplifying data collection by standardising functions and drop-down lists


Pervidi  Make an Inquiry about this newssoftware enables users to optimize their smartphone for a business benefit by incorporating technological ability provided by smartphones. Surveyors and inspectors benefit from Pervidi Make an Inquiry about this news from tailored service, ongoing support, mobility and functionality.


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