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Adopt Route Optimisation Software to make On-Time Delivery Successful

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Route optimisation is a logistic component yet the decisive factor to decide the fortune of on-time delivery successful.

We are living an agile lifestyle and running a business in this agile ecosystem is something very difficult. Your competitors are dedicating their days and nights with the ultimate motive to grab customers from you and expand its base.Like mobile apps especially hybrid apps have been one of the strategies that has been a bliss not only for the upper section of the industry but small enterprises as well.

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Imagine that you have ordered something from restaurant and the delivery-man could not manage on-time delivery. Then how you will be dealing this situation depends on your power of tolerance!

But believe me, every person has its own level of tolerance, here you must understand that what factors can make your customers screwed up that can endanger your long run survival.

As far as on-time delivery is concerned, then route optimisation has successfully implemented itself to be a game changer.

How to optimise the route?

What is the main reason behind unavoidable delays? Certainly, inefficient routes comes in top of the chart but can be put into the track with accurate algorithms. The main essence of these algorithms consist of accomplishment of delivery at the least possible span. According to Automotive Fleet which elucidated sophisticated fleet function that encompasses every aspect from safety to customer service.

With location proximity, drivers availability and delivering traffic conditions, routes can be optimised from the smart and efficient deployment.

But there are few route optimisation software that can end-up with fleet optimisation.


Routific has developed Route optimisation Application Programming Interface (API) that has been widely adopted by the businesses in order to plan efficient transportation route. As per Routific users, they have reported saving upto 37% in operating cost with no longer elaborate planning process. Other features include:

  • Stress-free route planning
  • In-app support from Routing Expert
  • Flexible route adjustment
  • Flexible API integration

WorkWave Route Manager

Workwave Route Manager separates the pain out of the route planning and creates driver-friendly route plans in minutes. It helps the business with a smarter planning solution to foresee the last mile. It tracks progress and keep the customers informed. What makes it distinct, is the combination Route Planning Software+ Instant GPS Tracking which makes it fleet. Other features include:

  • Routing &Scheduling
  • WorkWave Route Manager 360
  • GPS Integration
  • Analyse Route planner
  • Dispatch Software
  • API reference


With perfect set of tools which not only allow to build smarter routes but also demonstrate the impact of each change in each dollar. It visualises the cost and plan in action in order to optimise tight feedback loops as far as mobile operation is concerned.

  • Quicker results
  • Better accuracy
  • Logical locations
  • Increased availability
  • Lower costs
  • Faster dispatch

Route Optimiser

With amazing cost saving scheme running over cloud-based application, Route Optimiser renders improved management control, information flow with ultimate scheduling software with enhancing reporting. Other features and functionalities are:

  • Seamless route planning
  • Save on fuel cost
  • Faster deliveries
  • API Integration


Assists companies to do more business, Maxoptra which is easy to use, affordable as well as highly customisable works with same resources at a lower operational cost. It has an open API considered to be ideal to any telematics, CRM and WMS solutions. With its 24*7 accessibility from any browser worldwide with a subscription based SaaS which is easily accessibility with the release of new functionality at free of cost. Other features include:

  • Automatic Planner
  • Powerful Route Optimiser
  • Android App with rich functionality
  • Plan-Fact Analysis Module
  • ETA Prediction
  • Real-time Adjustments
  • Vehicle Tracking Integration
  • Drag & Drop Manual Planning

Wrapping up

Although majority of the people use Google maps while travelling to an unknown destination but it is entirely unfavourable if you are relying upon it for route optimisation for your fleet. So, the aforesaid route optimisation software can be encouraging in order to streamline operations, better monitoring on Merchandise and tracking on the operating cost. This will not only contour economically but efficiently as well for long-run survival.

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