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New Dart 2.5 update with Flutter 1.9 version by Google

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Recently Google has introduced New Dart 2.5 and Flutter 1.9 update supported by macOS Catalina and iOS 13 for flutter app development.

Google has introduced New Dart 2.5 and Flutter 1.9 update supported by macOS Catalina and iOS 13 for flutter app development. While Dat 2.5 acts as a support for calling C code and superior code completion, Flutter 1.9 provides additional support to iOS 13 and macOS Catalina which comes with new and attractive widgets.


New Dart 2.5 Update

The programming language Dart was developed by Google to give assistance to the developers to create all kinds of applications which are compatible with all platforms. Android app development companies use Dart as their programming language all over the world.

It is an object-oriented and class defined language that exhibits a syntax similar to C and trans-compiles optionally. This trans-compilation can be done into other languages such as JavaScript. Dart 2.5 has updates and modifications which Dar 2.0 was unable to deliver to the public. Two major technical previews that have been introduced in Dart 2.5 version are dart:fft foreign function interface which comes into use while calling C code right from Dart.

Another one is the code completion facility which has been powered by machine learning technology which reduces time and human efforts while coding. Till now, the support of calling C code is restricted to deep integration into Dart VM. It also requires some help from additional native extensions. The main goal of introducing the feature of calling C code is to increase the performance and efficiency of code which is easy to support and also runs of various Dar compilers as well as platforms. Though dart:fft has not been released in public yet, it is predicted that Google will make some more changes in it before its release to the common public. Two scenarios have been introduced by the Dart-C interlop, first one is the calling into a C based system API on the host operating system and secondly, calling into a C based library for a particular operating system or even a cross-platform.

It is a tedious job to complete code which are not innovative. It kills time and human interest in the code. This is the reason why Google has come up with a code completion feature which uses machine learning technology that learns from previous experiences as well as the algorithms designed to complete the code. This can save a huge amount of time. This model displays the next element of code while the developer is still typing.

Flutter 1.9 Update

The all-new Flutter 1.9 Update has been introduced with a goal to support macOS Catalina as well as iOS 13 with a huge list of additional improvements such as advanced tooling, new material widget and interesting new features in the Dart language. Google as claimed Flutter 1.9 Update to be the most massive update till now. It has involved a huge amount of developer army which comprises of over 1500 PRs from more than 100 contributors in this project.

Various Android application development services have already started adopting this update. The all-new Flutter supports nearly 24 languages comprising of both Indian national languages like Punjabi, Assamese, Bengali, Oriya etc and international languages like Lao, Georgian, Icelandic and many more which makes it easier for the developer to code according to his/her preferences and choices. This wide variety of language selection was lacked in the updates of Flutter version 1.5. Flutter 1.9 gives the advantage of writing code in the same codebase for all kinds of orientations like mobile, web and desktop.

The first technical review of Flutter was launched by Google in the year 2019 in a Google’s I/O conference. Google has also combined the web Flutter repository with the main Flutter repository to increase the compatibility and efficiency of code and also decrease the amount of human labor done in writing the same amount and type of code for various platforms and devices. Flutter 1.9 works by creating a web runner via a minimal web (index.html) file which has the ability to bootstrap the compiled code compatible with the web while creating a project for web.

After this process, Flutter app development now allows the users to apply the Flutter CLI tool which can run and edit flutter apps on the web. Google has declared that many changes are to be made before launching the Flutter web update publicly. Flutter supports iOS13 and macOS which in turn helps in smooth working of XCode11. This version of Flutter supports the all-new XCode system and 64-bit support which is also a great point of advantage when it comes to app development.

Mobile app development company is looking for adopting these technologies to excel in the field of android application development services.  

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