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Google Allo bringing Hindi support to smart reply and assistant

Google is bringing Hindi language support to the Smart Reply and Assistant with the main motive to bring non-English speakers online.

Google Allo Bringing Hindi Support to Smart Reply and Assistant

Google Allo is a smart messaging app that enables you to express yourself in a better way with stickers, doodles, HUGE emojis as well as text. If you are using this messaging app then you have the chance to respond without typing.

In other words, Smart Reply enables you to keep the conversation moving with a single tap by suggesting text and emoji as per your personality. If you are looking forward to add more meaning to your words, then by adjusting the size of your text you can easily accomplish this.

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Stickers in this messaging app Make an Inquiry about this news are designed by independent artists and studios. With some interesting stickers, you can add some fun to the conversation.


Furthermore, the app allows you to get creative with photos you send and this can be done by doodling on them or adding text. You can draw a smiley face, turn your friend into memes and can mix in some color.

In addition, Allo also brings the Google Assistant, which can suggest restaurants nearby or movies to check out. This feature also helps you in finding videos to share and in getting directions etc.

by just adding @google. This means you can get help from this feature without leaving the conversation.


Hindi Support to Google Assistant and Smart Reply


As promised, Google has started rolling out hindi language support to the Assistant and Smart Reply in Google Allo Make an Inquiry about this news on Android and iOS. This means that it will now understands and responds in Hindi language.

It is said that all those who wish to use Allo in Hindi language require to download the app and then with the help of the voice command they need to say “Talk to me in Hindi”. Apart from this option, you can also adjust the language setting on your device in order to change the app's default language.


It is believed that Hindi is the most spoken language in the country in comparison to English. Only 10-20 percent of population can understand the language, English.

Sensing the wide usage of this language, Silicon Valley companies are realizing the fact that if they want to appeal to the largely untapped market of India, there is a need to mould the service for them. Facebook is offering its social networking platform in not only Hindi but in several other local languages.

Last week, Amazon also enabled ebooks support in five local Indian languages. The Indian government is also telling companies not to ignore non-English speaking people.

The messaging application, Allo which is available on both iOS and Android Make an Inquiry about this news launched in September this year and with some wonderful new features, it has spiced up messaging.

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