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Predicting the future with deep learning is now made possible by MIT

One of the most significant quality of our human brain is that separates us from the animals is our unique ability to predict things in the future. The animals on the other hand can only predict conditions like weather changes, hibernation and pack hunting. So, when we meet two people we can often predict what happens next, as we possess intuitive abilities out of a lifetime of experience.

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Predicting the Future with Deep Learning is Now Made Possible by MIT

The researchers in the MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory(CSAIL) have created an unique algorithm with enhanced predictive abilities. The algorithm is based on techniques from deep learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence that uses the neural networks.

Machines with computer intelligence will be able to analyze huge data and find patterns on their own.  So, computer systems that have intelligence to predict such actions opens an entire gamut of possibilities.

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This can bring about enhanced emergency response systems, robots with capabilities to navigate human environments, or even Google Glass type VR handsets that feeds you with suggestions to do things under various circumstances.

Power Yielded by Predictions

Billions are getting spend behind the supercomputers as we thrive to predict the dangerous weather patterns, plenty of yields from a farm crop and many more unpredictable conditions. There is an attempt to make this predictions accurate, as much as possible.

People can be warned about storm, snow or droughts using this data. It is the computers which takes the onus of complex data processing.

Computers are a still a total failure when it comes to the complex set of data, like when the driver is driving on the road. Predicting another driver, speeding past your vehicle is something that is not yet achievable.

Today’s computers have neural networks as alternative to our human brains and which have obvious limitations. The researchers in MIT tried a way to enhance the predictive ability of the machines.

Complex Predictions

The researchers at MIT have come up with a computer that will be able to predict the next action from the human. The computer is shown millions of experiences and has the ability to predict what comes next, based on this experiences.

The neural network will predict as it faces a new situation. The system has already viewed 2 million videos.

The algorithm will receive a still image, which is then split into a foreground and a background, The foreground will be divided into a mask and another foreground. It will base a decision on what is done by the image, that is predicting.

Applications of the Technology

It comes very beneficial for the self-driving cars as they are looking for impending danger awareness, only looking at the road as the conditions keep on changing.

Security systems and police forces will also find a huge…t-internet-things Make an Inquiry about this news of this technology. A hidden camera that can predict anyone encroaching with criminal intentions can work wonders, well before time.

One major concern is whether such systems will intrude upon individual privacy, thereby violating their individual rights. There are no dearth of people with malicious intent, but a computer predicting in 1.5 seconds will only help to save many lives, avoiding accident and preventing any impending hazards that may turn into danger.

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